Easy to use ?

A child’s play! -) The NAOX cap has been designed for simple and effective use.

The installation and the storage of the solar mask are realized by a simple movement from top to bottom thanks to the button located on the front face of the cap.


When to use NAOX ?

The NAOX cap can be used for sports activities as well as for any type of outdoor activity. It is an element of comfort that can not replace a security element such as a protective helmet (motorbike helmet, construction helmet…)


How to choose your size ?

The NAOX cap comes in 2 sizes (Standard / Large) and is adjustable with a scratch on the back of the cap.

Standard size: 53 cm to <57 cm of head circumference

Size Large: > 57 cm to 62 cm of head circumference


What are the colors (cap and mask) ?

To date, we offer two cap colors (Black or Pink) and 5 mask colors (Iridium Sky Sky Blue, Iridium Gold, Iridium Rainbow, Mirror, Standard Black).


Is the cap light ?

The cap weighs only 125 grams.


Does it keep warm – what about sweat ?

The cap is equipped with multiple vents and made from a lightweight textile promoting air circulation and limiting sweat. The sun mask is not in contact with the skin, so there is no risk of sweat on the mask


Is the cap washable ?

The NAOX cover is hand washable, we recommend that you remove the sun mask and the “T” protection first. A machine wash can damage the device and especially make the shape of the cap unattractive.


Can we use optical glasses ?

The optical glasses are not adapted to fully use the NAOX cap. Indeed, during the use of the solar mask, the optical glasses will be unsightly and may even hinder the establishment of the mask. We do not recommend the NAOX cap if you still need to wear your glasses.



What is the quality of the solar mask ?

The mask is made of Polycarbonate and has the following features :

  • Anti-UV treatment that filters up to 90% of UV rays
  • High scratch resistance
  • Anti-reflective treatment
  • CE (European standard) and FDA (American standard) certifications


Mask hold?

Thanks to its studied design, the solar mask stays perfectly in place during any activity (running, walking … ..)


Fog ?

The solar mask has been “designed” to allow excellent air circulation avoiding any risk of fogging.


Mask maintenance ?

For the maintenance of the sun mask, we advise you to use only optical cleaners corresponding to the maintenance of sunglasses such as cleaning wipes, microfiber cloth.


Can we replace the solar mask ?

The sun mask is easily interchangeable, no tools are needed to remove the mask. Only masks of the NAOX brand are suitable.

You will find on our website www.naox-cap.com all masks and accessories available.


Asia Fit Vs Regular ?

Anxious to satisfy all of these customers, we have planned two forms of solar mask.

The mask called “Asia Fit” is suitable for a facial morphology called “Asian” (shape of cheekbones and nose)


What is “T” protection ?

The “T” protection is a major element of the NAOX cap device, it allows to isolate the solar mask within the cap. This element is positioned on the cap by means of scratch in order to easily remove and reposition the protection in “T”.

The “T” protection is made of PVC and covered with a special bamboo-based fabric that promotes excellent sweat absorption, it is machine washable at 30 ° C.

It is an accessory available on our website www.naox-cap.com


What are the delivery conditions ?

We offer to deliver NAOX and its accessories worldwide with a delivery time of 72 hours (working days) from the preparation of the order on Europe and 4-7 working days for the rest of the world. These conditions will apply from the end of the pre-order period (April 2018).


Conception ?

The NAOX concept was conceived and finalized in France during the second half of 2016. The Research and Development part including the prototyping phases were carried out in partnership between France and China in order to launch our production in China in early 2018.


Where to find NAOX ?

NAOX is available on our website www.naox-cap.com and in some specialized shops (commercial development in progress). The list of our distributors will be updated on our website www.naox-cap.com as and when.