NAOX is the only cap with a retractable solar mask

Designed to make it easier for all of us who wear caps and sunglasses, Naox provides a real comfort while performing outside activities. We only need your help and early support to launch of the Naox Cap and make the first retractable mask inside cap becomes true !

More than just a cap, It is the equipment you need for the practice of your favourite sport and hobbies outside. No need to wonder anymore if the weather will be sunny or not, you’ve got the right equipment in a unique product…

NAOX will change the way you wear cap and sunglasses

Naox was made by an athlete for athletes , this cap will help you when practicing outdoor sports, trainings and competitions.

NAOX, a French start-up, unveil a one of a kind cap.

You keep the advantages of the cap and the sunglasses without the inconvenients of wearing them separately : no additional weight, no risk to forget one of them, no discomfort.