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We copy behaviors or learn from experience. I wonder how the people who have been doing this type of trade feel like? Do they know the implications of what they are doing? Money is everything? Your comment is like the equivelent of me saying that it is a moral thing and you are from a muslim country so its okay. I do not expect you to understand morals because you are from a muslim country. These people could have done lots of things to keep from starving.

Some people not from America or the west as you call them seem to think that for some reason Americans don't know what its like to be poor oppressed and hungry. Cheated and stomped. Abused used and left to die. When in reality America was formed by men who were sick and tired of being persecuted and cheated. those that died and those that followed as well as those that welcomed those that followed. That is why America is the most generous people on the planet.

Thats why they are the first to offer assistance and help all over the world in a time of need. Because America was forged to right a wrong,and the people still teach their children that right is right and wrong is wrong.

America may not always be right Iraq but lets face it if the Afghans Iragis and Iranians wouldn't threaten America they would all be just fine. It is easier to blame problems on America than oneself isn't it.

The great satan.

Also makes it easier to justify growing and selling drugs. you aren't going to do them it will be sold to harm the great satan America. This is so called new democratic Afghanistan under an american backed Karzai's government.

What a shame? They [American] destroyed this country, handed over millions of dollars to these warlords for their support. Are Afghan really free? Is there any justice?

criticism advise the

Did they really liberate this country? Thanks for your reply. I have also been told that in the beginning of this century, this problem was basically eliminated until the US came into the picture.

That is the problem with the leaders and governments today. The jump into action without trying to really understand how the consequences of their actions will trickle down to people and their families and their way of life.

Thank you again for your response and I will continue to be better informed so as to understand what is really going on over there. II am amazed at the criticism on this board. Westerners are not exposed to such third world behavior.

Different cultures have grown and been raised to accept the good and bad of their own actions. The parents can only provide what they are capable of. If poppy allows them to raise their children with food and shelter, then who is to toss the first stone. People must survive in the environment that they are raised in, whether we like it or not. Those being critical of the parents need to realize that as they watch their sports on their 50" TVs, drive their SUVs, have dinner at upscale restaurants, that this country has worked for these luxuries.

Others are less fortunate due to their environment. Sometimes it is Government, sometimes it is Religion and often it is society. In the Western World, money can buy justice. There are many examples of this. As in any period of time, there is good and bad. Instead of complaining about the bad, why not support the good. If you want to help situations like this, then act instead of complaining and whining.

Each and every person can help in their own way. You choose. It is a horrible situation and having seen other third world countries and seen what the government does is disgraceful to say the least. I merely reacted to what I read and wanted more information about the subject. There is a lot going on over there and the reasons why this is happen is a more complex issue than the article that i responded to leads you to believe. It is horrific and you are correct in saying that something has to be done and that only talking about it is not the solution that these people need.

However, when you look further into the situation it is obvious how involvement from other countries has not always been the correct solution either, especially when it comes to the US. Things are not worse according to research from other sources so jumping in without knowing the full extent of ones actions is not appropriate either. So helping in ones own way is one of the reasons that they are in this mess in the first place.

There needs to be an intelligent and thought out plan to aid these people and not just everyone jump in and do what they can and do what they think is right because that is not going to help anyone.

The comments that I made were an expression of concern and shock as to what was going on and a reaction to what I read in the article and nothing more. It was a horrible article and when it is read again without the initial shock it was a very brief and limited as to the real picture over there and why it is that way.

Hopefully now with more light shed on the subject things can change and with more information someone like myself can help with that change. Thank you for your comments and I wish you luck with your own efforts to help bring about change to this problem as well.

Good luck! One way to help them would be by not buying their drugs. What a copout. These people have their priorities messed up. First their wife and children are not their top priority. Their top priority is to the clan. They are taught that westerners aka people that arent muslim are everything that is wrong in the world. It is not anything that they do it is not their fault that corrupt governments take all the wealth and resources no not at all evrybad thing that has ever happened to a muslim has been caused by a non muslim probably an American That is why it is so easy to understand why they choose to be in the drug trade to Make a living.

They have been taught that their GOD approves and will be pleased of themmaking and selling drugs that will kill infidels all over the world Yep they have really been screwed by a bunch of greedy corrupt men posing as saints.

The only way out is ugly ,it means looking at yourself taking responsibility acting to change.

accept. The question

While your at it if you really do believe in the whole God Allah thing perhaps it would not hurt to ask for forgiveness. Shame there have been so many thousands of poor young muslim men screwed by their grandfathers and fathers so bad that life is not worth living at not when your loony toons uncles convinces you that Allah will give you paradise and virgins if you are just strong enough and believe hard enough to show Allah how much you love him by walking into a maket where PEOPLE are shopping trying to support their families wjith morals and honor and detonate some explosives and splatter other peoples neighbors coworkers teachers children like a child would a waterbaloon.

Really. arabic sex rapidshare excited too with

The bottom line is these are a sick people and their Allah is probably imaginary like all gods of religion. one cann't say yes or know but I have seen no evidense for support of a God but I have seen well enough evidence to be very skeptical so they need to take responsibility for their own actions and simply at least try to do the right thing. Well, This system of payment also used widely in Pakistan and most don't see a problem with it back home. If you borrow money and can not pay I don't see anything wrong in paying with your family member because it is what you now have for payment instead of money.

In fact this was a common "barter" system that was invented by the Arab and Pakistani traders who ruled the world at one time.

It promoted trade and gives the debtor a second chance. It is times better than so called democracy where deadbeat debtors claim bankruptcy and not pay the debt. I think banks should start taking away family members as payment and you will see the so called "bad loans" disappear in the USA. This is why Pakistan and Afghanistan is progressing with making sure all rules are followed and there is a second chance. This is also part of Sharia law soon coming to USA.

In many instances these farmers are forced by the very same drug lords to grow this crop at the risk of the lives of themselves and their families.

Arabic sex rapidshare

those who grow other crops, regardless of the origin of the see NGO, military, or other find their fields destroyed and lives at risk. These people are losing no matter what.

How helpless they must feel that no matter what they do they are going to lose. Either the whole family or their daughters and of course their crops. The more I hear about this situation from the replies the more hopeless it sounds, but there has to be a way that will help the problem and protect the people being affected It is very easy to talk about morals when you have enough food on your table.

People that do these kind of things do not necessarily have a bad morality. Imagine you are a poor Afghan farmer. If you grow normal crops, your family will starve! You do not profit as much, you have to take care of your seven children since you have no access to birth control either and your wife cannot help much since women are so restricted in Afghanistan. If you grow opium, it is sure market because you know people will always be asking for more.

Also, it sells by much much much more money, which might actually give your family barely enough to eat. The farmer probably cannot do anything else as he didn't go to school not that he did not want it, but could not afford it and the woman either.

Plus, she is a woman so she is not allowed to work. Now, if the father is captured by the drug lords, and the mother can exchange one child for the father, what can she do? If she doesn't cooperate, no one will work and her children and her will die anyways.

Is it better to sacrifice all of her babies for the sake of one? Or to recover the only means of survival the family has the father? And while the country's government is swarmed with problems both because of the war and because of other issues and is penniless, they have other pressing issues to deal with. Or should they let their economy be based on opium and turn a blind eye on that type of farming? NGO's have no power there either, no matter what country they come from. And the issue is repeated in so many other countries.

Why do you think Mexico is drowning on blood from their own drug wars? Because the US and Europe are demanding drugs, which makes it a profitable businness for poor farmers in the developing world. Tex: Don't be so judging of others when you don't really know what is going on.

Who, according to you, agrees with Afghan men growing opium? Don't you see that was the problem on the first place? The government destroying their cultivation? That dad should die for his daughter and not let these bas lay a finger on her. This is an Abonination. It is time to have a f-ing real war. Something worthwhile living and dying for. A War for the Children.

May all of these worthless pieces of burn in hell. If it isn't the catholic peodephial priest then it is drug dealers. If it isn't drug dealers then it's f-ing Talibin or other extremist who see women less than an animal.

It is time to make war on all of these as2h0le3. Kill them all. Take no prisoners. I agree. The parents know that a lifetime of horrendous existence of abuse and suffering is her future if they give her to these thugs. Not that I want this for her but frankly, she'd be better off dead than surrendered - at least she wouldn't have to endure a lifetime of suffering.

The LEAST these parents can do is give one of their lives for hers. And if this is the fate of children born into thes poor families, they shouldn't have any more kids.

Casually found arabic sex rapidshare congratulate, this remarkable

father should pay the debt not the daughter he took the risk he should pay the consequence. Where is all this family honor in this story?

Usually the poor people in these areas have many children and the whole family is dependent on one person to survive. In this case if father is killed or taken away by the drugs lords then the whole family will be destroyed as women usually are not allowed to work but if by giving away one daughter they can save the other then it is like going for a better evil. Why should the international troops leave there?

join. agree with

Can't they do something about it? To tell the truth, I hate to read news like this. However, it does happen in this world. When most people are thinking about what to do for supporting their lives, some girls are struugling for the freedom. This is a matter about life and death. I can't imagine what their life will be like after the ordeals. I just would like to know if there are some people, some people can really stop it from happening over and over.

Those poor girls are not brides, but victims. Can somebody try to rescue them? This is why we need a presence there! This evil must stop. And I do not understand why a mother would choose to help her husband over her child! My husband would not want me to! If they can grow poppy why can't they grow food and live on that? This angers me so! It's not love its math and survival in a place where there is no functional education system and hasn't been for DECADES.

Welcome to war. The farmers were originally forced by the taliban to stop growing food and to only grow poppies. Anyone who refused were punished.

I am guessing that the drug lords have taken over the job of enforcing this rule. The major problem is that when they are forced to grow anything other than food their independence to provide food to feed their families is no longer available. They are forced then into a system the only system That is the safest, most economically viable.

it's sink or sink faster. this is a shameful act. shame on those parents who can trade their daughters. this is a big shame and they will be punished by a mighty God. I am saddened by this fact that this is what our world has come to. Where is the humanity? Who can do this to an innocent child. May God protect these innocent children from these horrendous actions.

Save ur kids dont get involved with illegal drugs!!! If only your powerful god if he actually exists would do something other than sit back and watch and threaten people with pain and suffering after they die. God allows us to make our own decisions, and for those who make bad ones, like these farmers, better hope they know him. i suppose you are one of those people who think god don't allow things like this to happen. well welcome to the real world man is doing this to man.

god has noting to do with it its funny there is no god but when things happen its all blamed on god. grow up america. maybe when the word spreads the fathers would stop borrowing money from these people with his daughter as collateral. They work on religious beliefs, one of which is a female is considered as property. its boils down to a F'kd up religion.

But, they are members of the religion of peace! That girl will have a beautiful life among those men who will make sure the religion of peace is shoved down her throat, beat across her back and bashed over her head every day.

So you are saying God let these innocent little girls suffer unimaginable cruelties so that the drug lords and the indebted farmers can have a choice to go into the drug business? I understand God punishing the farmers for their poor choice, but why let atrocities happen to these children who have no choice?

How about the drug lords? They seem to be profiting either way drug trafficking or human trafficking. Well said Ander. All the "free will from God" stuff is a joke.

Where is this girls free will to be left alone and unmolested.

brilliant idea

The parents have no choice. They will be killed if they don't give their daughter away. How could you be so stupid as to blame the parents? Actually they DIDN'T have a choice. Or much of one.

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Life is very hard. There are few options available and a LOT of pressure from the drug lords.

interesting phrase

I'd like to think most parents would rather be killed than to hand over their child to be raped by countless strangers.

The father didn't hand her over.

topic simply matchless

So they beheaded him with a dull pen knife. Read the article. Yes people like you and your small minded, petty need to see others suffer in the name of some effed up, "loving" god somehow makes the whole religion thing that much more sickening. Sorry, the truly sane and compassionate want no part of that evil. Do you really know what's going on in Afghanistan?

Have you ever thought about it as to why these poor parents are forced to sell their daughters? I'm no one to judge, but I wonder: so the mother prefers to have her daughter suffer unstead of her husband? as a mother I would give my life for saving my kids from any type of horrific suffering.

don't get it ??. None of this has anything to do with Islam. God commands us to care for our children and NOT put them in harms way! I pray God guides them to do what is right!!!! Why is it that those who profess to hold islamic beliefs seem to have no problem committing atrocious acts. Abuse of women and children, acts of terrorism. etc etc. Are you telling us it is only a coincidence? If they return her husband, she could eat.

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Do you know the fate of two lonely girls in a Sharia society? I agree LuzC. I was thinking, hmmm beheaded with a pen knife or give over my daughter? I'll take the knife, please! And then all your daughters including the one you tried to save and your wife will all suffer for the rest of their lives as they won't have anyone to earn for them and take care for them. There is nothing to get. The child is the victim of a POS family. The father should simply have some honor and accept his OWN fate.

Then how the heck will the mother be able to support the other kids by herself? There aren't jobs for women there. They'll all wind up dying. I'm glad you grew up in a world where decisions like this are unthinkable, I really am.

However, obviously, you have no knowledge of how most of the rest of the world lives, do you? You think this was really a choice? It never was - she gives up her baby or they take her baby - there were never any other options on the table for her. I suggest you get off your mountain and OPEN YOUR EYES to the atrocities going on all around us everyday in this world - even in this country. I'll bet you don't know about the 3rd world poverty happening right here in our borders.

Take a trip to any reservation in America and you'll see the same kind of poverty, people wintering in the far North in plastic covered shacks.

apologise, but, opinion

Are you just talking out your face or are you going to DO something about it? Goodthinking for all our Relations is an AWESOME resource if you actually want to help instead of spewing about a world you don't understand. Easy, it's just not that Easy. In their society, without her husband, the rest of community would let that family perish I was thinking the same, that is an exchange of horror for horror. I guess she prefers selling the daughter because her husband is going to bring more profit if he's home.

Also, the drug dealers may even pay a bit to have the daughter, considering how many sicko Afghan men love raping virgin little girls. What a hopeless country Afghanistan is. How did it get that low in first place? As usual, you people lack the competence to see things from a different perspective.

Gabrielle Union stars as Mary Jane Paul, a wildly successful TV reporter who is searching for love in all the wrong places 25/1/  there is cruelty in India but it is NOT condoned by the majority. The Afghans are not even allowed to talk of their peaceful past -but like many in the former Arabic-Iranian belt their hero is a schizophrenic plunderer,Mahmud of Ghazni-even the Uzbeks have forgotten that the name Tashkent is related to Taksha the brother of the Hindu saint Ram 21/2/  ????????: ???? ?????? ????????? ?????? ????????. ??????? ????? ?? ???????

Yes, any family in the West would prefer to hand over the father, than the daughter. But you fail to realize that contrary to the West, in Afghanistan, a family with a man in charge can still be able to support itself. On the other hand, should the father be handed over, how are the mother and daughter supposed to support themselves? Women in Afghanistan are basically slaves and even if they have the will to survive, they do not have the means. They don't know how to work the fields, how to read, write, manage their business, etc.

Without the father, the entire family is likely to go down. Without the daughter the family will only have lost a less valuable member of the family in terms of functionality. And before you start insulting me, no, I do think this is a horrible situation and I still think the parents should be ashamed of themselves. I'm just telling you people to stop judging them from a Western POV. It's Afghanistan we're talking about. If the parents had a different choice, they would have taken it.

So stop insinuating that these poor people love their children less than you do. You just don't have to make the tough decisions that they have to make. you are absolutly correct and unitl their entire culture changes in regards to the way women are treated this kind of thing will never stop.

So many comments are just plain ignorant and I am as western as a person could be. Idiots fail to put themselves in another persons shoes before they place their prejudice. It's a tough choice, an Afghan woman in many areas can't work or even leave their house without a male escort. So the choice isn't her husband or her daughter. It is her husband and then possible starvation for her, the daughter, and any other young children in the family.

It is horrible, and many of the farmers get forced to grow poppies with the same kind of threats. Mike: It seems that you know nothing about Islam at all. I highly suggest that you educate yourself about the religion and how much importance the Prophet gave on raising children and specially girls with Prophet Muhammad, himself raising daughters. Just watch the youtube video or search for "Cherish Your Daughters - Omar Suleiman". This is about poverty and illiteracy. They have 10 kids at times and what will a mother do to feed the rest of the family.

It is all about Islam. Islam gives Muslims like you so many choices to pick from: a Throw acid on young girls face because they want to attend school, or b Shoot young girls like Malala in Pakistan because they want to go to school c Cut off their ears and nose like your people did to Aisha Bibi d Give your 6 year old daughter to a Muslim drug lord See, Islam is all about free will - so many choices.

So, what's it gonna be? Take your favorite pick. And about debt, and about the war on drugs I just want to point out that no one is judging. That father made a choice to go into a buisness knowing that he would be putting his daughter and family in danger. So it isn't about being uneducated.

Chuck, you and most here are judging. You haven't the ability to put yourself in their shoes. These father's are continuing in the only way they have ever known. They didn't grow up in the west with a host of career options, they didn't decide to pursue poppy growth rather than continue their college education.

They all are capitalizing with the help of dumber Karzai and Zalmay Khalizad. Islamic people blame drones for killing their terrorists. However, when you consider what these Islamists do to innocent children, drones seem very appropriate to handle them.

Parents trading their own children with Islamic drug lords! I would rather be be-headed with a pen knife than hand over my 6 year old daughter to a drug lord. Well, mom of 4, cutting your head with nife would not save your daughter from been sold, just in this case all 4 of yours would have the same destiny.

Mom of 4, you just don't get it. If the father is beheaded, the drug lord's and any other predator will have access to the mother, daughter and entire family. They will all be abused without the father.

Keep your ignorance to yourself. I wouldn't call Drug dealers Islamists. For that matter, in my opinion all drug dealers have no religion because they destroy people's life. I mean the entire enterprise is set on destroying the end user's life.

Weather Christian, Jew, muslim, these drug dealers do not follow their religious teaching and therefore calling them "islamists" is wronge and an upfront to the religion of Islam.

In Islam it is strictly prohibited to sell buy and use drugs unless for medical reasons putting the patient to sleep calling drug lords islamists is obserd and insulting to the religion. If you don't know about something i suggest not acting like you do and use terms in the wrong way. Islam proudly permitted marrying a 6-year old Aisha to a 50 year old Mohammed.

Now, if that was OK in Islam, it should also be OK to give your 6 year old daughter to a Muslim drug lord. Nobody is surprised. dirka, stop being ignorant about Prophet Muhammad and his iwfe Ayesha. Apparently you read too much internet propaganda to know the truth.

If you are really keen to find outthe truth ,then read Islamic history which is authentic.

Topic something arabic sex rapidshare are not right

Ayesha ,married Prophet Muhammad when she was 19 years old!!! where does it say Islamic drug lord? There are no drugs in Islam.

Read the Quran first and show me one reference where it says ok to use drugs. You will find plenty of verses strictly prohibiting drugs and alcohol. They are muslim just for name sake - So do not put Islam on frontline. What Christians or Jews do.

What they went for a WAR in Afghanistan, to catch bloody OSAMA. Or it is something really - where you along with most of the Americans got fooled and dragged in to War for many benefits Drugs, Resources, Military sales Long shags notion of PEACE. They want safe drugs out, No crops is just a name sake.

consider, that you

U and Most others do not know the other side of the story and rely what your Government presents with secretary of States previous dumbo's at the time of G W Bush and now like Hilllary Randi clinton.

Anti war people would have us do nothing to help but God is on the side of those that intervene and kill these men who do this from any country. Go America, Go Drones! Are we so completely insensitive to read an article like this and spout one of the following: 1 - These parents are horrible, how dare they do that. No parent in any part of the world or any culture would want to do this willingly. In the case of this girl the mother has the choice of one of her daughters living an awful life but still living or her husband being killed followed by her kids being taken away by force.

As to why they grow poppy, sometimes it's the only way to feed their family and often they are forced by the druglords. Why can't we just be a bit more sympathetic to the plight of these people instead of just thinking that we are superior to them I absolutely think I am superior to this woman.

You think a lifetime of rape and beatings for this poor, cute little 6 year old girl is better than her husband being killed as long as the girl is still "living"?

This is insanity to the highest degree. IIn islamic country no woman can survive without man. With dead husband the whole family goes down.

Beautiful Justice: Innocent girl gets a taste of her own medicine - Episode 37 (w/English subtitles)

Your mistake is in assuming that after the father is dead they'll leave the daughter alone. If they don't? There's no one left to even theoretically protect them. How do you feel superior? You supported the killings of thousands of innocent children and women in Iraq!! Same thing in Afganistan!!

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