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Job Types Movies or TV Genres Keywords IMDb Rating In Theaters Release Year. Diabetes 5. McAnena OJ, Moore FA, Moore EE, Jones TN, Parsons P Selective uptake of glutamine in the gastrointestinal tract: confirmation in a human study. Br J Surg 6.

Darmaun D, Matthews DE, Bier DM Glutamine and glutamate kinetics in humans. Am J Physiol EEl26 7.

Darmaun D, Manary MJ, Matthews DE A method for measuring both glutamine and glutamate levels and stable isotopic enrichments. Anal Bio- chem 8. Darmaun D, Messing M, Just B, Rongier M, Desjeux J F Glutamine metabolism after small intestinal resection in humans.

Metabolism 9. Kimura RE Glutamine oxidation by developing rat small intestine. Brook CGD Determination of body composition of children from skin- fold measurements. Arch Dis Child Siri W E Body composition from fluid spaces and density: analysis of Controls methods.

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In: Techniques for Measuring Body Composition. National Acad- emy of Sciences. National Research Council. Washington, DC. Abumrad NN, Rabin D, Diamond MP, Lacy WW Use of a heated superficial hand vein as an alternative site for the measurement of amino acid Infants Adults concentrations and for the study of glucose and alanine kinetics in man.

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Glutamine Ra in enterectomized children current study and Darmaun D, Froguel P, Rongier M, Robert JJ Amino acid exchange adults 8 compared with their respective controls. between plasma and erythrocytes in vivo in humans. J Appl Physiol Ravussin E, Bogardus C Relationship of genetics, age, and physical fitness to daily energy expenditure and fuel utilization. Lo CW, Walker WA Changes in the gastrointestinal tract during enteral 1 an enhanced rate Of oxidation by developing enter0- and parenteral feeding.

Nutr Rev cytes, such as that documented in the isolated Goulet 0, Revillon Y. Jan D. De Potter S. Maurage C, Lortat-Jacob S, Martelli H, Nihoul-Fekete C, Ricour C Neonatal short bowel syndrome.

Motil KJ Development of the gastrointestinal tract. In: Wyllie R, Hyams JS eds Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease.

WB Saunders, Philadelphia, pp increasing age 24 ; and 3 finally, an increased uptake by other growing tissues such as the immune system or the F o " Y, Tracey KJ. Hesse DG. Albert JD. Bark PS.

Lowry S F Influence of enterectomy on peripheral tissue glutamine efflux in critically ill bone marrow, inasmuch as glutamine is known to serve patients. Surgery both as a ma,or fuel and as a source of nitrogen for Felig P Amino acid metabolism in man. Annu Rev Biochem Bucci A, Toft I, Jenssen T, Bier D, Nu j h a n N Glutamine metabolism nucleic acid synthesis in rapidly replicating cells 2 and and its contribution to glucose and alanine production in man.

Diabetes cell replication is more active during infancy. Smith RJ, Larson S, Stred SE, Durschlag RP Regulation of glutamine Finally, although the present findings point to the small synthetase and glutaminase activities in cultured skeletal muscle cells.

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J Cell intestine as a Physiol user Of glutamine in human Denne SC. Kalhan S C Leucine metabolism in human newborns. Am J infants, they do not provide any clue as to the role s of PsoIz:EM - glutamine in that organ. previous studies performed in Beaufrere B, Putet G, Pachiaudi C, Salle B Whole body protein turnover measured with "C-leucine and energy expenditure in preterm infants. Pediatr animals indeed suggest that glutamine may not only Res supply energy but may promote electrolyte absorption Widdowson EM Changes in body proportions and composition during growth.

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In: Davis SA, Dobbing J eds Scientific Foundations of Pediatrics. Nath SK, Dechelotte P, Darmaun D, Gotteland M, Rongier M, Desjeux J F [IsN]- and ['4C]glutamine fluxes across rabbit ileum in experimental evidence Suggests that the effects Of glutamine on the bacterial diarrhea. J Physiol 2 6 2 : 3 1 2 - 3 1 8 small intestine warrant further investigation in the human Burke DJ, Alverdy JC, Aoys E, Moss G C Glutamine-supplemented total parenteral nutrition improves gut immune function.

Fox AD, Kripke SA, De Paula J, Berman JM, Settle RG, Rombeau J Effect of a glutamine supplemented enteral diet on methotrexate induced enterocolitis.

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Klimberg VS, Souba WW, Dodson DJ, Salloum RM, Hautamaki RD. Plumley DA, Mendenhall WM, Bova FJ, Khan SR, Hackett RL, Bland KI. Copeland 1. Hartzmann F, Plauth M Intestinal glutamine metabolism.

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Metabolism EM Prophylactic glutamine protects the intestinal mucosa from radiation 38 suppl 1 :l a 2 4 injury. Cancer Related Papers.

Dr. Fernando Recio, MD is a Oncology Specialist in Boca Raton, FL and has over 37 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Recio has more experience with Gynecologic Neoplasms than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine medical school in He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Boca The hydrological characteristics, including temperatures and salinities, of the upper water over the last 30 ka from two sites connected by the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) across the Makassar We investigated whether genetic lesions such as loss of heterozygosity (LOH) are detected in prostatic cells obtained by prostatic massage during early diagnosis of prostate cancer (CaP) and

Glutamine metabolism after small intestinal resection in humans. By Bernard JUST. Enterocyte metabolism during early adaptation after extensive intestinal resection in a rat model. By Muriel Thomas. The thermocline hydrological gradient in the strait was larger during The weakened ITF during those periods in the last glacial period, corresponding to the decreased trade wind stress under an El Nino-like climate mean state, likely accounts for the increased thermocline gradient.

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As one of the key parts of the global thermohaline circulation THCthe Indonesian Throughflow ITF originates from the warmest region of the western-Pacific Warm Pool WPWP and transports considerable heat to the Indian Ocean 123 Supplementary Fig. Variability of the ITF brings about significant air-sea dynamic responses and is considered to be one of the most important factors of global climate change, e.

Understanding the past changes of the ITF is crucial to reveal the underlying mechanisms controlling the glacial-interglacial climatic transition in the Indo-Pacific region. Today, the ITF inflows into the Indonesian Seas through two paths and the most important of which is the western path Supplementary Fig.

S1in which the north Pacific water is drained into the Indonesian seas through the south cape of Mindanao Island and Sulawesi Sea, and penetrates the Makassar Strait in the form of Makassar Strait throughflow MSTF 9.

According to mooring observations, mass transport increases with heat transport across the Makassar Strait during the southeast monsoon seasons boreal summer, represented by July, August and September which is abbreviated as JASbecause the depth of velocity maximum usually shoals and surface warm water can be more effectively transported 912 Fig. When the northwest monsoon prevails during boreal winter represented by January, February and March which is abbreviated as JFMsurface transport of the MSTF decreased due to the restriction of the northward buoyancy gradient built by the low salinity cap occupying the southern Makassar Strait 13while warmer and less salty surface water from the South China Sea is injected into the southern Makassar Strait through the Karimata Strait called the South China Sea Throughflow, SCSTF, see Supplementary Fig.

From inter-annual to multi-decadal time scales, variability of the MSTF mass transport is essentially controlled by the zonal wind stress above the tropical Pacific and thus the pressure gradient between the western Pacific and eastern Indian Ocean 3.

a Site locations black dot and the ITF transect red rectangular ; b Vertical distribution of modern ITF velocity during boreal winter JFM, blue line and summer JAS, red line with negative values standing for stronger and shallower transport during JAS than JFM; c and d are density-latitude profiles of salinity colour shaded along the ITF transect during JFM and JAS, respectively.

Black contours in cd denote water depth.

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White contours of the The salinity data used are based on the World Ocean Atlas dataset 51 and are displayed using Ocean Data View version 4. The heat transport ability of the MSTF is not only associated with its discharge flux but also with the thermal structure of those advected water masses Today, the Indonesian sea is the only region in the world where strong internal tides remain trapped in the semi-enclosed seas and thus the trapped tidal energy is available for vertical mixing 22 The mixing plays an important role in re-shaping the vertical hydrological structure of the in-flowed Pacific Water Along the ITF main route, the mixing of surface and intermediate fresher waters with saltier Pacific tropical water makes the salinity maximum attenuated and finally the out-flowed ITF water is characterized by a fresher and cooler thermocline and an isohaline layer The Sulawesi Sea water can keep high salinity characteristic, but its subsurface salinity maximum is gradually attenuated along the Makassar Strait and disappears before it gets into the Banda Sea Fig.

The subsurface temperature is cooler and the depth of the thermocline is much shallower in the southern Makassar Strait than in the north Supplementary Fig. Due to the importance of the ITF on global heat redistribution, many studies were devoted to clarify how it evolved in the past. Previous studies proposed that the ITF might have been weaker during the LGM 2728 Paleo-proxies of upper ocean thermal structure over the Timor Sea indicated an intensification of cooler thermocline outflow of the ITF since the early Holocene due to the reoccurrence of the SCSTF and 5 intervals with weaker thermocline outflow in the last two glacial cycles 3031 But these works mainly focus on the ITF outflow regions i.

And notably, little is known about the variability of thermal structure and velocity profile of the MSTF that may directly determine the heat redistribution via the ITF 21 In this study, two Calypso cores MD MD, 5. Surface and thermocline waters of the two sites are linked by the MSTF and are connected with the western tropical Pacific and the eastern Indian Ocean via the ITF.

The northern site, MD, is in the upstream of the ITF western route and can approximately represent the original characteristics of the ITF inflow, while the southern one, MD, is under the influence of both the MSTF and the SCSTF. The proxy-derived temperature and salinity of surface water and thermocline water from both sites were compared, which will enable us to assess the paleo-MSTF variability between the Holocene and the last glacial period.

According to the age models, sediment of both cores deposited without any recognizable hiatus within the studied intervals, while the sediment of the past 1.

Constant reservoir age correction of years and the model is established using Bacon software ruber of MD is estimated to be Modern sediment of MD is absent but the average SST over the Holocene is 0. However, the modern annual SST of the northern site is slightly warmer or equal to that of the southern site. ruber mainly dwells. During the last deglaciation, the SST records of two studied sites clearly show stepwise warming similar to the Antarctic ice core ? 18 O record 35 Fig.

a Antarctic ice core ? 18 O from European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica EPICA Dronning Maud Land b SST and TWT records of MD blue and MD red with yr bin smoothing line thick blue and red linein which modern annual-mean SST and TWT values are denoted with black arrows.

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ACR and SH denote Antarctic Cold Reversal and Southern hemisphere, respectively. The TWT of MD is slightly warmer than that of MD during the Holocene Fig.

The difference between parallel-measured SST and TWT is taken as a proxy for upper-ocean thermal gradient.

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As is present in Fig. The former is smaller during the last glacial period relative to during the Holocene, while the latter is roughly comparable between the last glacial period and the Holocene. a Upper ocean temperature gradients SST minus TWT from MD blue and MD red. Dashed horizontal lines mark average values of corresponding time periods. c Similar to b but for South-North ? 18 O gradients at the surface ?? 18 O sw ; red and thermocline ?? 18 O tw ; green.

d Paleo-ENSO-like mean state changes indicated by zonal SST gradient across the tropical Pacific ref. Yellow-shaded bars mark two intervals of weakened ITF during The G. ruber and P. It can been seen in Fig.

Assuming the tidal mixing intensity of the Indonesian sea in a glacial boundary condition similar to the modern level, a likely explanation for the increased contrast of the thermocline hydrology across the Makassar Strait is related to the strength of MSTF, which determines how much warmer and saltier thermocline water is transported across the Strait and thus the S-N thermocline temperature or salinity gradients between MD and MD Responding to a short-term e.

seasonal increase of the inflow of Pacific water, the thermocline hydrological gradient may be enhanced. But under an equilibrium state at multi-millennial scales, enhanced TWT and ? 18 O tw gradients during However, the vertical mixing intensity may vary between the Holocene and the last glacial period. The SE-monsoon induced oceanic upwelling and vertical mixing could result in a much cooler thermocline in the southern Makassar Strait during the last glacial period According to the vertical temperature gradient records of the two sites, the gradient is larger during the last glacial period relative to during the Holocene for MD but is roughly comparable between the last glacial period and the Holocene for MD Fig.

This implies that the vertical mixing or upwelling could have exerted some effect on the thermocline depth in the southern Makassar Strait. But the remarkably increased vertical temperature gradients of Therefore, even if there is any impact of the SE-monsoon-induced upwelling or vertical mixing on the thermocline structure in the southern Makassar Strait, it could not completely explain the remarkable thermocline cooling there during the last glacial period Fig.

On the centennial to millennial timescales in the Holocene, a possible impact of the mean climate state fluctuation across the tropical Pacific on the MSTF variability has been proposed Here we suggest that this impact may also exist on longer time scales like the glacial-interglacial cycles.

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During the last glacial period, particularly in two intervals of This control of the Pacific ENSO-like mean state on the ITF between the last glacial period and the Holocene is also evidenced in upstream regions of the ITF such as the Mindanao Dome, for example, the thermocline was shoaled and the Mindanao Dome was intensified during the early period of the last deglacial period 37 when a weaker ITF was revealed by our records. This is also consistent with the finding that a weakened ITF always appear with strengthened Mindanao Current under modern El Nino state A possible mechanism is that an enhanced Mindanao current may increase the transport of warm and saline north Pacific tropical water eastward into the Pacific North Equatorial Counter-current, thus less would be leaked westward into the ITF.

This enhanced eastward transport of warm water under an El Nino-like state may further cause eastward propagation of the equatorial Pacific atmospheric convection centre during the last glacial period. Paleoceanographic reconstruction shows that the G.

ruber ? 18 O gradient between the equator and 8N in the central Pacific was enhanced during the last glacial period relative to the Holocene, indicating an enhanced salinity gradient due to increased precipitation on the equator Numerical simulations also provide lines of evidences for the mean state condition that may slashed the ITF during the glacial times, for example, the tropical atmospheric circulation under the LGM sea level conditions shows eastward propagation of the deep convection centre along the equator 40and during the HS1 period there is a southward ITCZ migration and weakened trade wind in the southeastern equatorial Pacific These warming peaks are largely synchronous among these four sites within age uncertainties Fig.

The synchronous occurrence of these peaks within the Indonesian seas implies that the TWT signal of the tropical Pacific has been brought to the Sulawesi Sea and southern Makassar Strait by the ITF. However, the 7-ka peaks of the TWT records of MD and MD are warmer than their ka peaks, different from the situation that the ka peak is the highest one in the tropical Pacific e.

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This may reflect a thermocline warming in the Sulawesi Sea after the reoccurrence of the SCSTF. Modern observations have suggested that the less salty surface-water input towards the southern Makassar via the Karimata Strait may cause the ITF more subsurface-intensified and make the thermocline of the East Indian Ocean relatively cooler 13 reflected by the TWT record of MD from Timor Sea Therefore, it is speculated that the relative warmer subsurface water in the Sulawesi Sea and southern Makassar Strait relative to the open western tropical Pacific after 9.

This inference is highly supported by ocean general circulation model experiments with and without the SCSTF, which reproduce a warmer anomaly over the Sulawesi Sea-Makassar Strait area but cooler conditions in the southern Indonesian seas, including the Flores Sea and Banda Sea, relative to the scenario without the SCSTF To summarize, we found that the variability of the ITF since the last glacial period was mainly reflected in the sub-surface water.

The south-north gradients of thermocline temperature and salinity across the Makassar Strait increased during The climate mean state changes in the tropical Pacific is proposed to be a predominant modulator on the ITF variability between the Holocene and the glacial period, when the weakened trade wind stress under a mean state of reduced zonal temperature gradient may result in the weaker MSTF. The subsurface MSTF might be enhanced after 9.

For each sample, shells of G. ruber and 0. obliquiloculataabout 9. ? 18 O of the two species was measured on a Finnigan-MAT mass spectrometer, following the method described by Cheng et al.

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Conversion to the international Peedee Belemnite PDB scale was performed using NBS19 standard, and the standard deviation is better than 0. ruberis transferred into SSTs using the calibration equation developed by Anand et al.

Therefore, the dissolution effect by the reductive cleaning step on both species was corrected before temperature estimations.

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obliquiloculata shells decrease in average by 6. This could be regarded as a conservative estimate because G. ruber should be more sensitive to reductive dissolution than P. Due to the rather large error and uncertainties hidden in the estimated sea-water ? 18 O, here only the differences between the two sites are used to indicate relative salinity gradient across the Makassar Strait both in the surface and thermocline.

In this way, the global ice volume and regional hydrological climate effects may be largely subtracted and these gradients are likely caused by the local oceanography dynamics e.

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upwelling, mixing and current. To reduce all kind of errors potentially induced by the proxy estimates and age models, we calculated the binning average values with a window of years for the ? 18 O sw and ? 18 O tw records.

All data generated or analysed during this study are included in this published article and its Supplementary Information files.

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