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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use , which became effective December 20, What exactly is meant by "anal retentive"? I think I am that. I saw a T-shirt that said, "You are anal retentive if you wonder if there should be a hyphen.

Also use the flip side of post-it notes to guarantee maximum paper usage 2. Actually I set the clocks in my apartment in a cascade, each a few minutes faster than the next, so that I always have a little more time than I think in my morning routine.

Not sure if that is better or worse.

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My brother in law will only use 1 color of pegs on each of the 4 sides of the clothes line. You are definitely not allowed to mix up the colors!! You double proof read even your casual emails send to friends. I look up anal-retentive to see the difference between calling someone anal-retentive and, you know, the other A word.

All of my locker items at work are organized alphabetically and with symmetry by height on my shelf! His next move is for the sugar so if you tell him cream first again it jars him.

I like your suggestion about how to sort dollar bills! I usually sorted them by denomination and serial number.

Definition of anal-retentive.: exhibiting or typifying personality traits (such as frugality and obstinacy) held to be psychological consequences of toilet training Overextending psychic energy during the process of toilet training by holding back can result in fixating at the anal stage, creating an anal retentive personality as an adult   While anal-retentive personality is not included in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, it has some commonalities with obsessive-compulsive disorder:   Those that get annoyed at someone that is precise, thorough, pedantic, accurate, or shows attention to detail are likely to call that person an anal-retentive. If by being any of the above it negatively affects your life then you may be an anal-retentive

Does this make me anal-retentive? I separate burger, drink, napkins, fries, disposed packets of condiments and unspoiled condiments respectively in a zigzag format.

How many people bother to capitalize the first word of a full sentence after a colon any more? Added bonus: It keeps the sheets cleaner. You intentionally lower your typing speed to avoid typos - and you actually derive certain twisted satisfaction from watching the words appearing slower than usual in MS Word.

Based on that alone, I suspect I am an anal-retentive writer by the way, I have done the shopping list thing, I kid you not! I can think of some additional signs. From an engineering perspective, I believe it is more precise to refer to this modality as anal-captive. When somebody is describing something inaccurately, with intent to hype the story further along while not necessarily being factual. I have almost every non-spam piece of email sent to me since You pretty print any code that you touch.

When you have one sock drawer for colored socks and one for white socks and you do not let your significant other to put your clothes away. Same for neckties. I am guilty of the dishwasher sin. I also try and get rid of low denominational coins as much as possible.

Anal retentive traits

Hrm, other things I do: - I have a specific way of crossing a traffic-light-controlled junction I have to walk past on my way to work - if I can, I even cross diagonally in the middle in the middle of the traffic lights changing, so I can avoid crossing the road twice hey, Pythagoras and all that!

Software organised by platform, type, product, and other sub-bits - I use the back door to the office because it saves around 5 seconds on the way in.

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With regards to the others people have listed definitely guilty of 10 oh, so much lost time! All this time, I thought I experimenting with different ways of loading the dishwasher to maximize the amount of dishes washed while allowing enough space between the dishes so that everything will be washed cleanly.

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And, I swear, my way of loading the dishwasher is better. I have to have the light switches in right position of on and off in a room where there are two sets of switches.

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I will not push the switch down to turn on a light, I will walk across the room to the other switch to turn on the light. Now that is anal! Top 5 signs you are anal-retentive, and then you list 6? I hate it when people get teh basics wrong ??.

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But what about the folders on the desktop? Are those organized? I have a particular way that clothes have to be folded for maximum wrinkle reduction.

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My husband just took over doing the laundry, but before I would let him, he had to promise to do it MY way. I always, always put two ice cubes in my glass of water - not one, not three or more. I often find myself re-folding tee shirts for no real reasonI just thought of this, because I did it yesterdayand I had folded and put laundry away the day before. I do not abbreviate in text messages or emails, either. Maurice - McKracken on FORTRAN? Clocks sync-ed to atomic time do exist in the US.

I sync to GPS time. When I eat trail mix, I separate all of the pieces into their own categories 1 pile of raisins, 1 pile of peanuts, 1 pile of coconut shavings, etc. Keep only two color of thumb tacks at my desk.

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Separate white socks from black socks in the drawer. Hang all clothes on one type of hanger. In my case, black plastic. Keep pants of like color together. in alpha order ??. Blake Newton, someday those Connells albums will be worth a lot more, because who else has them all?

Maybe I should be more anal-retentive if I want to be a better webmaster. I spell check a post on my blog, then individually spell check words that I think the spell checker might have missed.

Or is it spellcheck? Where is your spell checker? I am uncomfortable leaving a comment without spell checking it. Call me if I misspelled anything on this comment. After eating at a restaurant you put all your used dishes and napkins on one plate.

Nothing wrong with legible code. He did not agree with me and avoids me whenever possible now. A lot of these sound more like obsessive compulsive disorders. I recommend taking a break often and going for walks in nature!

Opening all of your software in a specific order to reduce overall loading time 7. get really annoyed when you load a unix based file on a windows machine and it doesnt display perfectly 8.

spend hours ensuring a website displays correctly on Internet Explorer 6,7, Firefox and chrome, when analytics shows the site receives finding alternative routes to work and home from work to maximise your options in case of bad traffic Intentionally numbering your response to align with the title and not the post numbering Put minimal fuel in to increase mpg through not having the additional weight of a full tank of fuel Get annoyed at the american spellings of the english language.

Guilty on 1, 2, 4 and 5. With the money each note also has to be facing the right way round and right way up. I have to wash the cleaner things first and work through to the dirtiest, in size order. Glasses, mugs, cutlery, utensils, dishes smallest to largest so they stack best on the draining boar plates again with smallest at the front, largest at the back of the drainerpans, baking trays, and cat bowls last if the water is still clean enough, otherwise wash in clean water.

I would be guilty of No. Oh, and these lists sync to my Blackberry, of course. I like to keep lists online because I have such horrible handwriting another A-R solution. folding food wrappers neatly, placing in bag neatly, folding bag and then throwing away is OCD. Re-folding T-Shirts is OCD.

Some of these are definitely common sense, economic with regards to time and money, and make for an easier life. buying only the same style black and white socks.

finding the quickest way to drive or walk somewhere, and sticking to it. washing dishes cleanest to dirtiest, smallest to largest. Those that get annoyed at someone that is precise, thorough, pedantic, accurate, or shows attention to detail are likely to call that person an anal-retentive.

If by being any of the above it negatively affects your life then you may be an anal-retentive. I dry myself exactly the same way after every shower. Insisting on the correct usage of spelling, punctuation and grammar is more pedantic than anal-retentive, although by continually correcting others, people could validly call you anally retentive. By me spending time writing this response, and it annoys you, you could also call me an anal-retentive!

with a knife - drives my husband nuts! Otherwise, you start over. Paint siding leaving ends unpainted to be completed at a later date. Nail siding to house using pre-made tool that will insure that each siding panel is the exact same distance from the previous panel. Do not nail siding all the way into house because it will need to be removed and the ends painted.

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Just in case the first time was not perfect enough. I think most Americans are somewhat anal-retentive. They go beserk whey they see someone pick their nose when the other person thinks there is privacy They dont let dogs into pubs When people fart -come off it Yanks, farting while mildly disgusting is not a terrible morally disgusting thing.


They arrest people while driving with far less than. And most of their yards look like the front of a funeral home.

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I thought I had a problem - I was listening to a radio show in Atlanta that was talking aobut how you need to check your balance in your online brokerage accounts. Appranelty somebody had cracked his assitants code and chagned the address in the account and started selling her trades. Because she checked everyday she saw this and put a stop to it.

Their advice was to check it everyday. Anal retentive is always bad I guess. My ex-boyfriend put me in charge of his personal life. and then by color! You notice I say EX-BOYFRIEND!

I, personally, never throw away ANYTHINGAND there is so much new coming in everyday that I have stacks everywhere BUT I can find just about anything no matter what or how old within 5 minutes! I am guilty of 1, 2, 3 and 4! I am also guilty of organising clothes including underwear and shoes by order of importance- special occasions, office, casualfor my clothes the hangers are colour coded.

What anal retentive traits Amazingly!

LOL Years ago I thought I was crazynow I just laugh at myselfI AM ORGANISED!! I match 3 of the 5, but I also do many more things like order my clothes by color and type.

I also like all of my drinks in the fridge facing label out. I think some of this could be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I also eat the broken chips in the bowl first so the bowl only has whole chips in it. Same for mixed nuts, same reason.

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Fold my wrappers of fast food, very neatly before throwing away. Had a friend who tells he and his wife fold their dirty clothes to put them in the hamper. I work in a grocery store, so I separate the tags that hang in front of the food by location in the department as to alleviate wasted time hanging them all. I have difficulty discarding anything that has percieved value, when others say not to keep it. fun times. Keeps a soul hopping mentally. I think this anal-rententive thing is ridiculous!!!

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It is a bunch of crap. We alll have the way we do things and we all have issues, of course unless someone thinks they are GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I hang all my clothes according to size. I colour code the close pegs.

I place all my friends in different categories and my relationships with my gilfriends change when they get pregnant. I make a budget that includes everything and all my bills are organised in separate areas.

I hate to abbreviate when texting. Everything on my desk is arrange neatly into a grid like pattern and when something gets moved, it has to be fixedimmediately. Eee PC Blogger on March 1, at pm: 9. it is a Verb! I HATE wrong use of terms MASS and WEIGHT - i.

  Though it's not clear who first used the term "anal retentive," in a student of Freud's named Karl Abraham distinguished A-Rness from anal expulsiveness. The latter is pretty much what it sounds like, the predisposition to make a mess, while parsimony and obstinacy are Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins anal retentive. adjective Referring to a person with an "anal personality", who, according to classic Freudian psychoanalysis, has traits that arose in the anal phase of psychosexual development, in which defecation constituted the primary source of pleasure and retention of faeces is viewed as a manifestation of defiance to a parent figure   ANAL-RETENTIVE PHASE. By. N., Pam M.S. -. April 7, with regard to psychoanalytic standards, a level of the anal stage characterized by enjoyment experienced by holding onto bodily waste and defying the mother or father- this sadist intuition is correlated with ownership and regulation of the item or matter. obsession at this level generally Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs

a Truck has a mass of 7. Most of my clocks are radio controlled DCF Luckily the computers have SNTP. I have a reminder set in my smartphone in 3 month intervals to add salt to dishwasher - in that time, the salt does not run out completely yet I decide when I want to add salt, not the dishwasher warning message, thank youbut there is enough room left in the dispenser to add a complete 1kg package of salt.

Even if any items, toiletries, groceries, come in packaging of any other color, I remove the item from the original packaging and put it into something that works. All I want to know is how in the heck do you live with someone that is anal retentive? My husband is and it drives me crazy. Everything has to be a certain way, if it is not he gets aggravated and loud.

I am really going crazy trying to figure this out. pikes, trouts or swines, so why, oh why oh WHY do people still persist in USING FISHES?

When I make electronic lists on the computer e. I, too, organize my grocery shopping list by aisle. I just hate going back and forth, from one end of the store to the other, trying to get everything on my grocery list.

What a time suck that is. I think the grocery stores should publish a list of their items by aisle so I could use that list to make MY list. I refuse to play the same set of numbers in Powerball, because that would obligate me to play every drawing. I would just DIE. But then I look at the random numbers on my ticket and think what a lousy job the computer did selecting the numbers.

I will now organize them that way, thank you for making me a better anal-retentive person ??. Every two days I have to clear my web based Email folders though the space available is sufficient to last for an year! How about the way a shirt goes on the hanger so when you are deciding on what to wear you are looking at the front of the shirt? I have aquired a new one recently. I have Onstar with my new GM vehicle. The status report also displays the individual tire pressure for each wheel so when I have a low tire there is a yellow symbol next to the low tire in the graphic.

I reset the trip odometer at each fillup and verify I am getting roughly the same gas mileage out of my vehicle that I have had for more than 10 years. The way the toilet paper and paper towel roll is hung on the holder! Making sure it comes off the top for ease of use. Making sure everything is level such as pictures on the wall. It drives me crazy when something is hung permanently unlevel.

Lids to all shampoos, conditioners, and soaps must be closed even the ones belonging to other family members. Trying to decide how to sort my books on the shelf - alphabetically by title, categorically by genre, or aesthetically by size - makes me so frustrated. I currently have them organized by category, but within the categories there are sub-categories based on either title, size, or sub-genre, depending on what best suits the needs of the category.

And do not get me started on my DVD collection. I currently have it alphabetical by category, but when I run into movies that fit in more than one category I get frustrated. I have a morning routine, a before bed routine, I take the same roads, routes, etc. My oh my, where to begin here. To leave it short and sweet: I am beyond meticulous with my grammar.

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New York: New American Library. ISBN In Abramowitz, Jonathan S. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Subtypes and Spectrum Conditions. The Developing Person.

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  Anal expulsive and anal retentive personalities are forms of sadistic and rigid personality that are associated with the psychoanalytic theory of personality development. Introduction Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory proposes that children progress through a series of psychosexual stages, each associated with a particular "erotogenic" part of the body   What Is an Anal Personality? Also known as being anal retentive, an anal personality is thought of as someone with an extreme need to control their environment. The person with an anal personality will also have an obsessive attention to detail (even non-essential details) to the point that it might annoy naox-cap.comted Reading Time: 9 mins Well, if you're anal-retentive you would have noticed that the word "have" in this page's title isn't capitalized and you will be annoyed by it. I am, but I must leave it that way as an example. Obsessive compulsive is a disorder that people can get that involves odd behavior like washing your hands times a day and the like

Get help. Psychology Dictionary. Home A ANAL-RETENTIVE PHASE. ANAL-RETENTIVE PHASE: "The anal-retentive phase is experienced by all children and is generally brief in most. Cite this page: N.

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