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It is But then, without warning, you see a streak of bright red blood on your TP. Is that That said, you can certainly have anal sex safely. Well, how much blood is there?

For example, a medical skin condition called lichen sclerosus, which can contribute to irritation and itching of the vulva in the prepubescent stage and after menopause, is also a source of tearing or bleeding after sex, Dr.

Wilson-Manigat explains.

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Thankfully, the vulvar and vaginal tissues, for the most part, are generally pretty elastic, which allows for stretching without too much tearing, she elaborates. But as you get older, your vaginal tissue becomes less elastic and is prone to tearing.

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Also worth noting: Slight tearing could be more likely if you haven't had sex or been penetrated at all recently. Your best bet is going to be loading up on lube in preparation for sex, especially if you're dry to begin with.

Wilson-Manigat suggests using a high-quality water-based or silicone-based lubricant to help prevent this sitch from happening in the first place. Cervical polyps are one of the more common reasons for bleeding during sex that Dr. Wilson-Manigat has seen in her practice.

  Pierre: Yes-anal sex can be another cause of pain and bleeding. No matter what you do if you bottom, if your partner is really rough, it's going to hurt. Or if you haven't bottomed in a long time, and you don't take enough time to loosen yourself up, you can tear or strain a naox-cap.comted Reading Time: 4 mins   Vaginal bleeding after sex is also called postcoital bleeding and can be caused by: Cervical inflammation (cervicitis) - Cervicitis can be ongoing and symptomless. It can also be caused by a sexually transmitted infection that needs to be treated, like chlamydia or gonorrhea. Vaginal dryness - During menopause, the hormones in your body change

Most of the time, they can be found during your routine pelvic exam and pap smear, so check in with your gyno if you think you might be prone to polyps. Before you've even taken a test, light bleeding could be your first clue that you're pregnant.

One of the first signs of early pregnancy can be vaginal bleeding, also known as implantation bleedingthat can occur right after sex, says Alexandra Bausic, M a board-certified gynecologist. The cause of the bleeding is the implantation of the embryo inside your uterus, so it may show up at any time, unrelated to penetration, Dr. Bausic notes. If you think there's a chance you could be pregnant, and you're noticing bleeding during sex or in general, take a test and then give your gyno a call.

Another one of the more common explanations for bleeding during or after sex is cervicitis. While the word may sound scary, what's basically happening is an inflammation of the cervix, says Dr. In some cases, a common infection such as bacterial vaginosis BV or an allergic reaction to latex condoms or certain feminine hygiene products causes the inflammation in the cervix, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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But cervicitis can be easily treated with a topical antibiotic, Dr. Sometimes, bleeding during or after sex could be a sign of a pelvic infection, according to Dr. When your cervix is infected, the tissue becomes swollen and red, as your body tries to rush more blood and white blood cells to the area to fight the infection. There's a slight chance that the infection causing postcoital bleeding is chlamydia or gonorrhea, so your ob-gyn may run an STI test to be safe when you visit with this issue, Dr.

Wilson-Manigat says.

In rare cases, an HPV infection could be causing some type of cervical precancer but your doctor will flag any abnormalities with your pap smear first. It's not always a sexually transmitted infection causing the bleeding, though.

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Some other infections that may be to blame for postcoital bleeding are BV or yeast infections, says Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOGFellow of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an ob-gyn, Bonafide Medical Advisorand author of The Complete A To Z For Your V. The best way to prevent bleeding that's related to STIs is to use protection during sex, Dr. Wilson-Manigat adds. Definitely if it's a recurring thing.

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However, if it happens more than once, it's best to just make a quick visit to the gyno and have yourself checked out. Williams also advises women to pay attention to the color of the blood.

  Bleeding after anal sex is a common occurrence. During anal sex, a person can tear the wall of their partner's anus, resulting in anal small tears can cause bleeding and discomfort Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins   Bleeding after anal sex can be normal. "Blood from the anus after anal sex may occur," Thomas P. Sokol, M.D., a colorectal surgeon Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins   If you're having regular anal sex and regular bleeding, don't just brush it off as something that just happens. Here's when to be concerned, and how to prevent naox-cap.comted Reading Time: 2 mins

The dark blood could just be remnants of your period. Take note if the blood is accompanied by pelvic pain and discomfort, as well as if your vaginal discharge has a different texture or smell, so you can provide your ob-gyn with as much information as possible to help ID your condition, Dr. Bausic adds. In terms of treatment, rest assured that many of these conditions are treatable once your doctor is able to diagnose you with the infection or skin condition.

  During anal sex, the swelling and inflammation may make bleeding more likely. Rare causes Though very rare, it is possible to perforate, or tear, the colon during anal naox-cap.comted Reading Time: 7 mins   Most people report that hemorrhoids make anal sex uncomfortable or painful, and because a hemorrhoid is literally an enlarged, swollen blood vessel, they can certainly cause anal bleeding after   Light bleeding during sex or bleeding after sex can be a sign of certain STIs or skin conditions, but ob-gyns explain why it's common if you've had rough sex

One way to rule out infections before you're even in the doctor's office is by making sure that pregnancy or any kind of potentially irritating external products aren't causing the bleeding, Dr. Dweck says. For many one-time occurrences of bleeding during sex, using lube the next time around is going to do the trick.

First, wash your hands thoroughly before playing around with your butt. Be sure to wash your hands before switching from anal play to touching your vulva or vagina, too. That will help you avoid the transfer of bacteria that can cause an infection like a UTI or bacterial vaginosis.

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After washing your hands, Wise recommends starting by gently touching your anus and the surrounding area to get used to the sensation. Silicone lubes are often great for anal penetration as they tend to last a long time.

Always make sure any plug you use has a flared base to keep it from slipping inside your body. This should be someone you trust enough to listen to every single direction you give them when it comes to making anal a pleasant and safe experience for you.

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Whatever you need is fine. Your anus simply cannot go from zero to 60 without time to warm up.

Anal bleed during sex

That progression might look different with a partner than it does on your own. But whatever you landed on by yourself can give you a good working knowledge of what your body needs to feel ready.

Of course, we also need to talk about safety with a partner.

Since the anus and rectum can be prone to tearing, unaox-cap.comotected receptive anal sex makes it easier to contract sexually transmitted infections such as HIVthe CDC explains. If your partner has a penis, that means using an external condom when they penetrate you anally or vaginally, for that matter. Be sure to change the condom before sharing it or putting it anywhere besides your anus.

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Finally, when it comes to matters of slickness, never use an oil-based lube with latex condoms or dental dams. The oil can break down the latex and render your safe-sex method less effective. I know this firsthand.

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These can both heal on their own, and you can try at-home methods to reduce discomfort, like soaking in warm baths, applying cold compresses to the area, and taking measures to prevent constipation that can exacerbate hemorrhoids and fissures.

But if the bleeding and pain persist for even a couple of days, you should definitely see a doctor for evaluation.

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That could indicate a more severe issue. Treatment for severe anal fissures typically involves topical anesthetics to dull the pain, medications to increase blood flow to the area for speedier healing, and more, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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This is one of those times when an ounce of lubed up prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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