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Although most people would trade anything in exchange for a stolen piece of paradise either in the deep or a magnificent pool, this water park just might be the last resort you may want to plunge into. Vietnam has always been known for its exquisite tourist destinations and closely-knitted relationship with nature. As their gates opened, the number of guests crowded the whole area in just split seconds leaving almost no room for privacy and exclusivity, most especially for swimmers in various pool areas. As the crowd multiplied, the management of the said park was later on forced to shut its doors due to overcapacity. However, the drama did not end there as irate guests including the young ones illegally climbed the gates just to trespass the park. More so, rampant cases of indecent acts and public humiliation aired as swimmers were allegedly grop?d and even stripped by male swimmers who dominated the pool areas. Victims shared that they were either splashed repeatedly with water or intentionally pulled down to the extent of being drowned while being touched in their private areas.


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the dude. Meanwhile, some perverts also even bragged about their malicious and unethical acts online as if they deserved a standing ovation for a job well done. It was quite a surprise that when asked for a statement regarding the serious accusations and incident reports, the Vice Managing Director VMD reiterated that no brutality and violence against women ever took place.


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A popular water park called Ho Tay in Hanoi, Vietnam did the unexpected marketing strategy and held an "open season treat" from am am to the general public. As their gates opened, the number of guests crowded the whole area in just split seconds leaving almost no room for privacy and exclusivity, most especially for swimmers in various pool areas Topless Girl at Water Park. Uploaded 08/30/ Guy unties a girls bikini just as she uses the swing. Autoplay On. Next Video. parlay. Uploaded 08/30/ 8. Ratings Merchandise by paedophile Rolf Harris is still being sold on Amazon and . In the News. The shamed former TV star was jailed in for indecent assaults relating to four girls between and The former singer and artist was released on licence in Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

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