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He mentioned the feud during an appearance on The Late Late Show this week, admitting women had started sending him pictures of their cleavage to show their support for Susan. It was thus horribly inappropriate for an In Memoriam tribute. A number of female followers then started sending pictures of their own cleavage to Susan to show their support for her, and the actress retweeted more than 60 of the shots on her own Twitter page. Curious notion of punishment Seems to be some massive misunderstanding that I am anti-cleavage. Kim Kardashian will roast Kanye West in her first Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend but there is one thing she says is off limits. Best of shopping Premium Membership.

The year-old British songstress was photographed on an outing in New York this week, wearing her standard eye-popping attire. Her super-short ribbon skirt rode up as she greeted waiting paparazzi, giving the photographers an eye-full.

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A FASHION ICON DUALIPA pic. I love Edna from the Incredibles ?? DUALIPA pic.

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The singer made headlines earlier this week when she slammed United Airlines cabin crew for serving nuts around her highly allergic sister.

She kicked off at the airline on Twitter after a member of staff said that her sister would have to use her epi pen if there was a problem.

You can do the same to me. NEWS: Madonna Denies Being 'High or Drunk' While Performing in Australia.

BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect That is, cover your parts. Dua Lipa left little to the imagination in New York. The year-old British songstress was photographed on an outing in New York this week, wearing her standard eye 1. THE DEEP Rosie O'Donnell says this scene made her realize she was a lesbian. Jacqueline Bisset says she regrets the way it was filmed and felt exploited. Many people credit this moment

The year-old singer invites a lady onstage during "Unapologetic Bitch" to receive a spanking from the pop star - Ariana Grande and Jessica Chastain were among previous spankees - but Josephine Georgiou got a bit more than expected. As for the outrage from people who have suggested Georgiou take legal action against Madonna, the aspiring model rebuffs, "Seriously, why would I sue Madonna for the best moment of life?

WATCH: Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Makes Modeling Debut, Looks Just Like Her Mother in Stunning New Photo. I thought I was imagining things but a lady came down and asked if I danced and if I knew the song, 'Unapologetic Bitch. Madonna recently defended her latest string of bizarre onstage antics, including a recent show where she rode around on a tricycle dressed like a sad clown and drank from a flask.

arrow-left-mobile arrow left arrow-right-mobile arrow right Group 7 Gallery Icon Copy 2 Video Play Button Copy 5 Hamburger Menu Instagram Twitter Youtube Share Button 7CEA-BCE1EC Video-Playbutton Copy. We think she probably only narrowly avoided an awkward incident outside Miami's Children's Museum.

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Not even the over-elaborate patterned dress was enough to distract from 'The Notebook' star's mega side-boob moment on the red carpet at the UK premiere of 'Morning Glory' in Don't be fooled by the innocent dimples and dazzling smile; this girl is not afraid to flash the flesh.

However, we think she suits the look with her slender frame and she definitely deserves some credit for managing not to have an embarrassing slip the whole night.

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And, having had red carpet wardrobe malfunctions in the past, we can't help but applaud her bravery. We have to say that the 'Mean Girls' actress only just makes our 'JUST enough boob' list. The neckline on this spangled silver catsuit at the MTV Movie Awards is a little too low for comfort although she still manages to look fabulous on the red carpet as usual.

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And after all, we've seen a lot more shocking outfits from this infamous party girl and it's not exactly the main thing that lends to her notoriety. Aside from past jail sentences and drug problems, Li-Lo is still on informal probation after stealing from a jewellery store in and, most recently, she was in trouble for lying to the police about a traffic accident and punching a woman who she called a 'gypsy' at a bar.

With that background, her uber-cleavage seems hardly worth mentioning!

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Okay Miley, we know you're not Hannah Montana anymore, but becoming a woman does not mean throwing away your bra! The actress certainly decided that less was more when it came to her blazer style dress at Billboard Music Awards, but we have to disagree; her bouffant hair-do was definitely the only thing right about this look though now she's got rid of that too! It seems to be common amongst child stars to attempt to establish their womanhood by showing off their assets by verging on public indecency; however, we think in this case, Miley's sophistication is at an all-time low.

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J-Lo's stylist must've forgotten to drill the star on proper car exiting techniques prior to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, the most obvious being 'Don't bend over'. Though, considering the numerous nip slips she's suffered in the past while trying to show off her famous curves most recently in October where she accidentally flashed on stage at the O2 Arena in Londonshe should know the safety procedures by now.

A tighter fit would've been the best bet for getting over the car exit obstacle and a little more sophistication in the neckline department.

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We know Nicki Minaj has various alter-egos, but we think while she's busy giving herself names she should name her boobs too, given that they always seem so eager to come out and introduce themselves. This garish outfit she wore while performing on ABC's 'Good Morning America' did not take the attention away from the serious cleavage she was revealing in her turquoise bra top. There were even reports that she did indeed suffer a nip slip halfway through her performance but, unfortunately, we think it will take more than that to stop the singer thinking up more brassy outfit combinations.

The queen of the "belfie," Kim Kardashian has embraced her post-baby body by sharing it with her over 69 million Instagram followers. The mom of two (son Saint joined daughter North on Dec. 5 THE Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik stood up for fellow actress Susan Sarandon by flashing her breasts at Piers Morgan following the pair's recent row over cleavage The year-old actress made a 'Big Bang' on the app on Wednesday

We might be gaga for her music but we regret to say that we can't say the same about her dress sense. Apart from looking a little like a trussed up chicken in this strappy get up, she clearly has no objections to exposing her breasts with a see through bra-style top half.

It seems to have become popular among red carpet goers to display a generous amount of what has been dubbed as 'side-boob'. Inspired by this, we have decided to come up with our top ten revealing Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Meet The Year-Old News Anchor Who Got Her Job Because Her Breasts Are Huge. Mark Shrayber Twitter Life & Culture Editor. September 22, Careers in television are hard to come by. That's 3. PRETEND YOU'RE FULLY COVERED. EXCLUSIVE: Kourtney Kardashian in a red hot bikini takes a walk on the beach with her friends in Mexicao. Credit: SPLASH NEWS. Whether her Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

This doesn't even count as a wardrobe malfunction; it's way too deliberate for that category. Not that we've got anything against see-through outfits; Anne Hathaway looked stunning in a sheer floral number at the New York City Ballet Gala; we just seriously object to seeing major nippleage in a public place.

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Rita Ora has got to be our number one boob of all time. Less of a nipple slip and more of a full boob exposure, this star's incident took place on stage during the Red Bull Culture Clash at London's Wembley Arena when she wore a zip up biker jacket minus underwear. So embarrassed was she about the occasion that she took to Twitter to apologise to her stunned fans: 'Yes.

It's true. I got straight off a motorbike from O2 to Wembley.

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