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It looked like she was horny too because she put a bottle of oil in my hands and demanded that I put it on her tanned body. THis absolute hottie asked me to rub some oil on her and I went straight for the booty! I paid close attention to her tushy and thighs, and it looked like she loved the treatment. She faced me now, smiling mischievously while my hands stroked her firm boobies. I invited her to my apartment, where she exposed her small tits and a trimmed pussy.

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This girl was fantastic, and I knew that she would do something to make it up to me. After a few days since the park adventure, I walked into our living room, where she was playing video games with her beautiful friends.

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They pulled down my pants swiftly before wrapping their mouths around my shaft. I let the girls toy with my cock, and after a few minutes, both of them got naked and horny. Two naked girls took their turns riding my cock. The sexy tall blonde was the first to slide her pussy down my dick.

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She moved her hips until she was shaking from her orgasm. Her slutty friend rubbed her clit the whole time, and when they switched places, the other hottie returned the favor. These girls rode me until my cum was all over their tits.

I saw a nerdy schoolgirl on her way home the other day. I pulled up and quickly realized she was a slut, despite her big glasses and cute smile. The money-greedy tart grabbed the cash and flashed her boobs at me in the middle of the street. She had cute little tits, not yet properly developed, but full of promise.

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There she was, nude and horny, with my tool inside her mouth. Soft smooches soon turned into raw throat fucking.

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The whole of my nine-inches buried itself deep within her tight, hot pussy, only to swiftly almost pull completely out before relentlessly driving hard back into her juicy young cunt. I kept pumping until the girl began screaming in a powerful orgasm. Seeing her cum made me even hornier. I pulled up and felt her lips wrap around my dick.

Catching my adorable step sister kissing her best friend in a school bathroom was a sizzling view. I stood there, spying on them, feeling my pecker rise in my pants. I quickly plucked up the courage to approach the young lesbians. Instead of being ashamed, the girls wanted me to join the endeavor. I guessed they needed my cock. The petite friend hopped on the restroom table and flashed white panties at me.

I moved the fabric to the side and slid two fingers inside the moist snatch. My step sister seemed to love the view, biting her pouty lips and looking at me mischievously. I knew I was up for a double blowjob when the schoolgirls hit the floor. There they were, competing at who would perform a better sucking session.

Gentle lip stroking held my rod upright and as stiff as a rock.

My blue-eyed stepsis wanted a rougher experience, so I grabbed her head and fucked her throat. Once out of underwear, the blonde lay on her back and spread her legs. Pumping slowly made the chick lust after my tool even more, and the other hottie held the root of my penis.

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The wedding was running smoothly, and the ceremony just started. I was looking around and all I could see were naked girls. The officiant reminded me, and after we said our vows, we walked hand in hand to the reception. My fiancee Riley knows me too well, and when I saw her whispering with her bridesmaids, I knew that she was planning something. It was my wedding, and I intended on having fun.

The end of the night crept upon us, and as everyone started to go home, my stunning wife took my hand and led me to one of the back rooms. She kept quiet and refused to answer any of my questions. Only when we got to the room, did I finally realize what was happening.

Her bridesmaids were waiting outside for us, and when she called them in, the wedding party turned into a slutty party! These girls were horny and ready to make me and my cock happy! My wife pushed me on the bed, and all three of them pulled down my pants and started stroking, licking, and sucking my big and throbbing dick. I was in heaven. Marrying a gorgeous woman like my Riley makes you the luckiest guy on earth.

I was ready to fuck all of them all night, but they never let me get up. Instead, I laid there, and let them milk my cock. My fiancee was the first one to ride me. She pushed herself on me, enjoying having my cock slipping in and out of her hot pussy.

She smirked at me and started to move her hips harder and faster.

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The sexy naked bride picked up her pace and started playing with her clit. She came all over me, then moved so that her best friends could get a taste of her husband.

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The sexy and busty blonde, whom I had several wet dreams about lifted her dress up, and spread her pussy lips to let my dick inside of her. She was tighter and wetter than my wife.

The bridesmaid has been waiting to get my member inside of her for some time now, I could feel it. She started jumping up and down, and I lifted my hips to meet her thrusts, which made her cum a lot faster than she wanted to. She rode her orgasm and climbed off. I loved watching these naked girls take their turn and cum all over me.

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The stunning raven-haired bridesmaid tore off her dress and climbed on top of me. She rode me with her dripping wet pussy like a pro, and these girls let me cum when all three of them had their mouths taped to my dick so that all of them could get a taste of my cum.

When I first started dating my beautiful girlfriend, Riley I fell in love with her instantly. She was petite, gorgeous, and freaky. Every day with her was a new adventure, and when I asked her to marry me, I knew that life with her will never be dull. But before the wedding, I still wanted to have my fun, and get it out of my system. That was my last chance to fuck another girl before tying the knot. So right the day before the wedding, after my soon-to-be wife went on with her day, I met up with her slutty sister.

She always made sure to let me know how much I turned her on, and I figured, if not now, when? I walked into her house, and she was already waiting for me naked. I sat on the couch, and she grabbed me cock, she sucked it like a good little slut. She was dripping wet for me, and when she started to ride me, I felt like I was in paradise.

Her tight and wet pussy milked my cock. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out for my cum. I unloaded globs of cum on her face! When I left her house Riley texted me saying she got a surprise for me. So I followed her requests, got home, put on the blindfold, and waited for her.

But when she was taking too long, I took the blindfold off and saw her sucking a big black cock! I threw the guy out of our house, and I fucked my sexy girlfriend on the couch, hard and fast. She needed to know who she belonged to, so I had her on all fours, with her legs spread in front of me.

My cock made her whole body shake. My thrusts made her cum in record time. Ready to see what my hot little bride is planning for the wedding night?

We were coming back from the beach, and my beautiful blonde girlfriend wanted to stop and look at some necklaces. One beautiful necklace caught her eye, and when she was about to haggle for the lower price, the street vendor asked if he could see her tits. She turned to me, gave me a smile, and moved her bikini top. She loved to tease me in public, and flashing a stranger was her way of foreplay. The street vendor gave her the necklace for free, and she flashed him her shaved pussy as a reward.

This girl has always been naughty, and now she will have to give me my reward for letting her show that vendor all that is mine. I grabbed her hand and led her into a small ally behind the hotel.

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My cock was hard and throbbing for her. It was in the middle of the day, and even though she was worried about someone catching us, she still got on her knees and started sucking my swollen tip. Her dirty little mouth swallowed my big cock, and she moved her head faster than ever.

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So I helped her up and turned her around. I pulled down her panties and pushed my cock inside of her. She was dripping wet for me. I thrust in her a few times before we heard people coming our way.

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We got dressed quickly and ran to our room. She quickly tore her clothes off of her gorgeous body, and she jumped on me. I was already on the bed, naked, waiting for her. My naughty girlfriend resumed sucking my cock, and I reached her clit with my hand.

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She pushed herself on me and made sure my cock was all the way inside of her love tunnel. She loved it when I fucked her deep and hard. She started moving her hips, slowly at first, but then when she picked up her pace, I could feel how close to cumming we both were. She was such a dirty little slut, for me, and I loved playing with all of her holes.

She needed more of me, so she got up, and turned her back to me, so I could play with her ass while she rode me. All of her holes were mine, and when she started jumping on my cock, I pushed my finger in her asshole.

She gd but never stopped rocking her hips up and down. When she got comfortable, I pushed two more fingers inside of her and heard her scream. She was begging me to fuck her ass, and as a good boyfriend, I gave her everything she wanted.

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I felt her squeeze her anus around the base of my cock, and I groaned in pleasure. I fucked both of her holes hard and fast until she was filled with my cum, and our bed was a mess. The sun was making my tired eyes open up. Penelope was awake and she was waiting for me to gather my senses and wake up too.

Her stunning and curvy body was wrapped in a tight top, and sexy, laced panties. I shot her a smile, and I moved my sleepy body over hers. I traced my thumb over her clit, slowly, sending a shiver down her spine. My sexy girl was ready to give me everything I wanted. Before I could push my fingers inside of her, she pushed me back on the bed and pulled down my pants.

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Her mouth was wrapped around my morning wood in an instant. At first she sucked it slowly and sensually but then I let her swallow me whole, and bob her head up and down. I was aching for her pussy. The sexy naked babe climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my cock. I could feel her tight pussy was flowing as she slowly let me enter her.

Her big ass was bouncing off of my cock and shaking violently. I wrapped my hands around her hips, and I placed her gently on the bed. Her legs were in the air, and I pushed them all the way to her torso when I positioned myself over her opening.

I pushed inside of her hard, and she let me thrust my member hard and fast. I love fucking her from behind standing up and watching her big bubble ass shake. She was gasping for air, and barely muttering out her pleas. She needed my cum inside of her, and after a few more thrusts I obeyed. I am a judge for the school cheerleader team, picking the hottest chicks with the most flexible bodies. I heard a knock on the door yesterday and was surprised to see a petite blondie in a cheerleader uniform in front of my house.

The teenage girl explained that I made a wrong decision by not choosing her for the team, begging me to give her one more chance.

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I invited her inside, and we started a new audition. She stood there, beautiful and slutty, shaking her pom-poms, showing what she could do. All of a sudden, I had another idea, way kinkier and sexier. I approached the schoolgirl and lifted up her red skirt. Her cute little ass was firm and white panties hid a shaved pussy. My cock was already throbbing inside my pants, and the desire for her body soon became overpowering. I stroked her buttocks and pulled her panties down.

Her young pussy was so smooth and sweet smelling. I had to taste the twat, so I lay down and the naked girl quickly sat on my face, grinding her pussy all over my face.

I swirled my tongue around the pink clit, worshipping the sexy folds. Her bald pussy was right in my face! The naked blonde grabbed my shaft and put it inside her mouth. Despite her young age, she knew how to handle my cock, drooling all over it and pumping it with her delicate hands. I loved her naughty look and her small tits, and the way she tried to put the whole length of my pecker inside her tiny mouth.

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