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By creating an account, I agree to the Terms of service and Privacy policy. A A festival involving snakes, a reed dance with thousands of Zulu dancers or a large religious gathering of the Shembe are all cultural outings available to you when exploring Eshowe in Zululand at certain times of the year. The cultural calendar in Zululand has particular ceremonies of interest and you can attend one of these events as part of a guided tour. This particular event is held by a local sangoma traditional healer who goes by the name of Khekhekhe and involves poisonous snakes. K K hekhekhe whose birth name is Zizwezonke Mthuthwa lives in a homestead close to the Tugela River and invites fellow sangomas to attend this event, which takes place on 23 February every year. During the ceremony he handles the snakes, even putting their heads in his mouth, and tells the story of how Chief Dingiswayo Shaka Zulu's mentor gained power over snakes as a young man.

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Did You Know? I I n Zulu mythology, if a young woman who is not a virgin takes part in the reed-dance ceremony, her reed will break.

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2/12/  Around guests had arrived during the ceremony. According to traditional costumes, the girl has to be topless and wear the cow's fatty tissue on her body. Elders believe that if this tissue explodes during the ceremony, it means that the girl is lying about being a virgin. I believe why only women are put so much pressure in Zulu culture I. In Zulu mythology, if a young woman who is not a virgin takes part in the reed-dance ceremony, her reed will break. I. If you visit the town of Eshowe in February, you can witness a festival known as the "first fruits ceremony", which was done by early Zulu kings. This particular event is held by a local sangoma (traditional healer) who 6/11/  The maiden's purity, showcasing that they are proud of their bodies while they are being prepared for womanhood, at the same time giving the King and the nat

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Historic places of worship in South Africa: cathedrals, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples catering to religious diversity. Historic places of worship in South Africa: cathedrals, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples catering to religious diversity South Africa is a country of rich religious diversity, protected by the Constitution, so explore sacred architecture and spiritual traditions at our many historic places of worship.

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Useful links. This ceremony has been tirelessly celebrated by countless generations in early September of each year. Only virgins are permitted to take part in this ritual. Each maiden has to carry a reed from the river and present it to the King in a spectacular procession at the Enyokeni Palace. The girls converge in groups from the Zululand regions on the Kings Palace the day before the ceremony.

The activity promotes purity among the virgin girls and respect for women.

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The Zulu Reed Dance ceremony is the key element of keeping young girls virgins until they are ready to get married. As the King appears to watch the procession of girls he is praised by his poets or praise singers isimbongi.

The girls collect a reed from a huge pile and proceed in a very long procession. They are led by the senior princess. As they pass the King they lay their reed down and head towards where the King delivers his speech. While this is happening the men sing their songs and engage in mock fighting.

Zulu virgin ceremony

After the festivities the King delivers a speech. This speech is a very direct and forthright message on the expected mores and traditions of the Zulu nation.

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The King is very direct and nothing is left to the imagination. He is a great proponent of celibacy until marriage.

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Afterwards the maidens join in unison ululating and singing the Kings praises in a joyous mood. As a cultural gesture, the group of maidens then get a name from the King to distinguish themselves from other women. Translated from isiZulu into English.

Thank you to all who have helped make this day possible. Inthe KwaZulu government led by uMntwana kaPhindangene Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi started supporting this ceremony financially to ensure that it could be attended and be well received by the whole nation.

It must be noted that this ceremony is not only geared towards promoting virginity and abstinence amongst girls but also young men.

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The fusion of these ceremonies brings us hope for a better future. We see a nation that is vibrant, strong, has self respect and is respected.

26/11/  The practice and age group. -Girls from all over the country. -Spread over several days & represent an important rite of passage for the young women. -Only virgins are allowed to participate, ages (Since those under the age of 16 can not participate) - Older Zulu women teach the young girls how they should act as grown women

We are fighting against the high number of orphans, we know the Government and councils are constantly making us aware of ways to prevent the spread of this disease once one has it. This is why it is important to go for a test when you are involved in a relationship or are getting married.

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It is my wish that all educators promote the culture of the Zulus. While some cts of our lives have changed, as Africans, we should not distance ourselves from our culture and take on the cultures and traditions of other nations.

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