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Some students say they've received sexually explicit images of an underage classmate involved in a sex act but Radnor Township Police say it will take a high-tech specialist to figure out if the rumors are true. Radnor Township Police confirmed publicly on Thursday that they are investigating allegations that Radnor High School students stole a phone from another student and may have sent out a sex video they found on the phone. Chris Flanagan. The investigation started with a call from the school Wednesday morning. Two students got into a fight over the allegations about the stolen phone.

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These types of events are nothing new, but what makes this one different is its high-tech nature. He said there are 1, active profiles for people who attend the Bronze Party.

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Fuller and a colleague also run Modern Lifestyle, an online platform that connects about 50 sex clubs around the country. Their software gives people the ability see who's attending events and purchase tickets. Fuller also capitalizes on some of the tech-oriented members in his own backyard.

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He says there are several tech entrepreneurs who attend events and provide valuable feedback. that I can apply here at Bronze Party, " he says, citing an iPhone developer who helped manage contact information, email experts who've helped get around Gmail filters, and a user experience designer who helped redesign the website and mobile app.

Stella has been with her husband, Greg, both engineers, for 10 years. They've been swapping partners for two of them. Members are also discovering the Bronze Party through apps like Secret, which allows users to post anonymously, Fuller says.

In the '70s, swinging was often random. At the end of the night, men would put their keys in a bowl, women would pick a key and go home with the guy who owned it. Those communities still exist, but tech is now making it easier for people to find one another, Fuller says.

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Should I contact a lawyer? The Bandys would soon find out just how serious the charges against Matthew were.

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The family hired Ed Novak, a well-respected attorney from a large law firm in downtown Phoenix. In other words, he would have been sentenced to 90 years in prison. He would have served time until he died.

'Happy Massage' is one out of five short films from HerStory Malaysia. HerStory Malaysia is keen on creating spaces for women to come together and learn how to share their stories with others using artistic platforms like filmmaking. Our ongoing HerStory Films Project seeks to collect stories about love, sex, and desire from Malaysian women, with an emphasis on diversity and personal The judge couldn't believe the prosecution was insisting on sex offender status and invited Matthew to appeal. "20/20" was there when two years of fear and misery finally ended Documents said that Hathaway and the teen had sex nearly a dozen times - including eight times at his Euless home and another two or three times at her Keller home - adding that "Hathaway

Greg and Jeannie Bandy knew their son well. They were shocked at the serious charges against him and frightened by the prospect of such a serious sentence. He's never been a problem, never stayed out late and gotten into trouble or anything like that.

A woman's vagina is a sex organ as well as part of the birth canal. Just as women can have different sized breasts, hands, and feet, the size and depth of vaginas can also vary Charlize Theron has joined the growing list of actresses who have had racy images of themselves leaked onto the Web after having their cell phones hacked Radnor Teens Post Stolen Sex Video of Classmates: Sources Sources say that 3 boys could face child porn charges after posting video of year-old female student online after finding it on a Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Arizona child pornography laws are among the harshest in the country. As soon as Matthew was charged, he was put on virtual house arrest, and an electronic bracelet was attached to his ankle to monitor his movements 24 hours a day.

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I didn't know why it was happening," Matthew recalled. Matthew was in an awful predicament, and he tried to keep his house arrest a secret.

He wore longer pants to hide the ankle bracelet, but he was scared he would be discovered. And I had no good answer for them. The shy young boy could not explain how such pictures appeared on his computer hard drive.

The stress of the situation got so bad for Matthew that he told his parents the charges hanging over his head made high school impossible. I don't want to disappoint anybody, but I just can't go on anymore.

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Matt's dreams had been destroyed and his mother was crushed. And even though there was no proof that Matthew personally downloaded those nine pictures, it would be difficult to prove his innocence.

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Novak said that the pictures alone were practically all the evidence the police needed. They just had it built into their mind that this kid is guilty. Yet, the evidence submitted by the Phoenix police department did not identify a specific user.

Matt's clean reputation, his good grades and protective family could not stand up to the cold fact that child porn was on that computer. The police and the district attorney had the incriminating photos from the Bandys' computer and the prosecutors were determined to send Matt away.

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Matthew Bandy found himself outmatched in the national campaign against child pornography - harsh laws designed to keep track of pedophiles and punish them severely.

No matter what the means are.

The Bandy family contends that Thomas was on a mission and that his desire to convict was so strong that he ignored important evidence - like the fact that Matthew passed a lie detector test.

The fact that the test indicated that Matt was telling the truth wasn't taken into account.

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And that's when the Bandy family really began to fight back. They hired two polygraph examiners who confirmed Matthew was telling the truth.

In a nondescript building in San Francisco's Potrero Hill, a diverse group of entrepreneurs, doctors, financiers and artists gather for the monthly Bronze Party - an event where couples dance Video of New Britain High School Students Having Sex Circulates Online, Police Investigating The students, a year-old girl and a year-old boy, were each issued a juvenile summons charging Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins Prudie advises a letter writer who wants to call the police on the teenage girl having sex next door. Photo by Teresa Castracane. Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with

Then they ordered two psychiatric evaluations which concluded that Matthew had no perverted tendencies. ABC's Jim Avila asked Thomas about the results of the lie detectors tests and Matt's psychiatric evaluations. And certainly, they're not admissible in court.

At the end of the day, we certainly felt there was a good faith reason to go forward with the prosecution. Despite the positive polygraphs and psychiatric exams, the district attorney pressed on. So the Bandys and their attorney tackled the most difficult question on the table.

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If Matthew didn't put the pictures on the computer, how did they get there? Loehrs went into the Bandys' computer and what she found could frighten any parent - more than infected files, so-called backdoors that allowed hackers to access the family computer from remote locations, no where near Matthew's house.

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Loehrs says she does not believe that Matthew uploaded those images onto his computer "based on everything I know and everything I've seen on that hard drive.

But police still had those pictures, and the harsh child porn laws made going to court risky for Matthew.

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Even if he was only convicted on one count, Matthew would have faced 10 years in jail, and have his "life ruined," said Novak. We were told he more than likely would end up in jail.

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