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Let me know if you need me to break it down further. This is exactly why I wrote this one. Of all the things we talk about on here, getting to your own root of this one has created some of the most significant shifts in finding the only kind of love we ever deserve - a real one each one of us can personally live with. This was an amazing read and I feel so much better after this. I didn't start looking for someone after my breakup with my ex 4 years ago. There was a girl I dated for a little over a month and I felt like we were so compatible with each other.

Toronto Sun. The avid reader and writer is also passionate about animal rights and advocates against cruelty to animals, while supporting shelters and endangered habitats.

A Day with Filipino Nigerian Kids born in Nigeria Africa + How well they know Pinoys + Philippines

SUNshine Girl Chelsea is back from better times in January The picturesque Sagittarius likes photography, pop music, travelling, singing, painting and motorcycles. SUNshine Girl Crystal is a brown-eyed Capricorn who likes training in martial arts, specifically kickboxing.

Crystal, who also enjoys travel, posed for us in SUNshine Girl Gabie, our hazel-eyed Capricorn, is a tomboy at heart who wants to be at the cottage four-wheeling or tubing.

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