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Hello Anna,. I have been with my wife for almost three years. When we met, my wife hadn't had sex in almost 10 years-after moving to Chicago from Poland. She decided to renew her Catholic faith and not have sex before marriage. However, I convinced her that "tasting her" wasn't that bad! Now to my dismay, we are married and the only way she can orgasm is from me "tasting her.

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MasterQuizBoyBilly :. when i was in the Navy, we used to say "25 miles away its no longer gay".

The UCMJ is fucking retarded. Oral sex between a married couple is considered to be the same level of a crime as some degenerate fucking a dead dog in the middle of the street.

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This is what happens when your ethic code was written back when keelhauling was a human resource motivation technique. bipolar-cop :. We always set up a couple cots, some cammo netting, and a library of porn for our spank-shacks in 29 palms.

At one point the victim is begging to be left alone, and a man walks right by the naked woman, without offering help. Later in the video the victim is seen running from the woman attacking her Katie Herrell drove overnight to surprise her daughter during her school's morning announcements Nothing's too small (or big). I am a year-old man, and my wife is We married when I was 31 and my wife was She never had sex before

Whenever anyone went for a visit, they had to endure the entire FDC singing "Spank-shack bay-ay-bee! simba78 :. Oh fond memories indeed We weren't even deployed, we were at a summer CAX in 29 Palms when this happened: One of the bigger tools in the unit, no pun intended, would go to the port-a-john every morning with a bottle of lotion and a couple porn mags.

One morning when he was sleeping because he had watch the night before about 8 or so other dudes stole his lotion and essentially gang raped it Talk about disgusting.

The next morning, the unsuspecting Lance corporal walked proudly to the port-a-john and took care of business, lol HE NEVER FOUND OUT!!! And yet you're dismayed that she can orgasm only from one kind of pleasure, which is oral sex.

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How come, Taste? Do you want to diversify her orgasm portfolio?

Has she expressed to you that she is not pleased with the sex you currently are having? What other kinds of pleasure does she enjoy, be it of the "seeing," "smelling" or "touching" variety? Is she open to experimenting with other kinds of sensations that might lead to some more of those delightful, involuntary muscle spasms?

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If you haven't done so yet, I would sit down with your fun-sexing wife and tell her what's on your mind. Tell her exactly what you told me-that you are super into all the great sex and enjoy pleasing her with your mouth, but is there anything else you can do to make her that much happier in bed?

When you do have said talk, try not to fixate on the orgasm part, which is just one small bit of the whole sexperience, after all. Plus, lots of ladies can come only from oral sex.

However! I would wager that 10 years of celibacy and the, uh, less-than-sex-positive tenets of Catholicism have taken a few tolls on your wife's sexual Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins Paul's wife pays for him to seek intimacy with other women. The more Paul opened up, it was clear to me his confidence had taken a huge hit, his self-esteem was low. He didn't feel loved and Military wife: Boudoir photo shoot 'wasn't so private after all' Posted May 14, p.m. EDT Fayetteville, N.C. - Boudoir photography shoots are a hot trend right now

Lots of people in general women and men and those that fall elsewhere on the gender spectrum can come only a certain or specific way, whether it's due to habit, biology, emotional triggers, a particularly rousing re-run of "Roseanne," etc.

It doesn't mean something is wrong with her.

-Aspiring Ass Kisser. Dear Aspiring Ass Kisser, At least you've still got your sense of humor. Your wife might be having a bit of a madonna/whore moment over the hygiene naox-cap.comted Reading Time: 8 mins

It simply means that oral sex is how she gets off. Bodies are glorious and weird.

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