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Softball gloves are one of the necessary equipment that you will need to keep the game rolling. It helps in protecting your hands as you catch hard grounder or line drive. They are of different fits and for different field positions. Finding the best softball glove depends on the position you are playing. The review below provides detailed information about the best softball gloves that will meet all your needs.

Find just the right size usually 12 - 15 incheswith tailor-made pockets that are meant to catch a slow pitch softball perfectly.

Adult softball gloves

Easy to break in and built for durability, the right slow pitch glove can be a real game-changer when you're out on the field. From top brands like Easton, Louisville, Mizuno, Rawlings, Wilson, and more, finding the right glove can make all the difference.

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Our top brands for slowpitch are MizunoRawlingsand Wilson. They all make high quality gloves that are easy to use and built specifically for the slowpitch game.

Glove size comes down to personal preference in softball.

The largest size we carry is 14 inches. It delivers comparable efficiency, shape retention, and comfort. Plus, it keeps the gloves flexible and soft that is quick to break in. The A SP13 slowpitch glove features incredible length in a lightweight design making it one of the best slowpitch softball gloves currently available in the market this It is also suitable to use it on the outfield due to the length and deep pocket needed by outfielders to catch the ball.

It guarantees to withstand regular use and retain its shape for longer.

16/4/  Softball Gloves are larger and longer than a traditional baseball glove, since softballs are bigger in size. Softball gloves are made for fastpitch or slowpitch, and the perfect softball glove depends on your position and personal preferences. Once you step on the field, having the right softball mitt is crucial to a winning game. We have you covered with our 12/8/  Slow Pitch Softball Gloves are gloves manufacturers produce with softball-specific patterns. While larger-sized baseball gloves can work for Slow Pitch softball, Slow Pitch Gloves range from inches to inches and have pockets tailor-made to catch a softball. Sort by Right Hand Thrower Gloves, Left Hand Thrower Gloves, brand, web type, feel, and price Slowpitch softball gloves are designed with playability in mind. It's true that a bigger glove can often do the trick for some players, but those who like a slow pitch softball glove appreciate that these gloves are specifically crafted with size in mind

Grey SuperSkin is also employed in the glove which is known to be twice as strong as regular leather yet half its weight making it incredibly light to the touch for greater control and excellent maneuverability. It has a single post hourglass web perfect for both infielders and outfielders thanks to the visibility and flexibility it offers.

Shop slow pitch softball gloves From America's #1 Baseball & Softball Retailer! Shop slow pitch gloves at DICK'S Sporting Goods and get low prices with our Best Price Guarantee Softball gloves are available in a variety of materials. Younger, more inexperienced players should opt for a synthetic leather glove, which is easy to close and requires no break-in time. Shop popular softball brands for slow pitch and fastpitch gloves, including Easton, Rawlings, Mizuno and Louisville Slugger For any adult softball player who is still struggling to build their game reputations or trying to make or break the history of softball gameplay, you need to seek the Walnut softball glove. This is the best adult men's softball glove with a consistent Estimated Reading Time: 11 mins

It creates a consistent and deep pocket for easy receiving of the ball as well as securing throws across the infield. It also has a new pattern featuring Gap Welting for that added notch between the index finger and the rest of the fingers for a wider and rounder pocket design allowing you to have a more secure grip on the ball.

However, this glove is more on the stiffer side so it requires a little more break-in period but it is definitely worth it.

30/5/  It's , but still, you can't just buy any slowpitch softball glove. Whether you need an infielder or outfielder slowpitch glove, you need to do a lot of research. When it comes to buying softball gloves, you need to understand that slowpitch gloves are larger in size as compared to the fastpitch gloves

The A Slowpitch Softball Glove is another excellent choice by Wilson. It has a dual post web which can be used in the infield as it provides a secure catch but also offers visibility and flexibility.

It also allows for quick ball transfer and release as this glove has a shallower pocket perfect for infielders.

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The glove is made with British tan and black leather with classic Wilson gold and black logos for that professional and attractive looking visual.

It also provides excellent durability to ensure this glove lasts all through the seasons and incredible flex and mobility for a more comfortable and natural feeling.

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The leather is also more on the softer side making it relatively easier to break-in for a quick game-ready feel.

It has a double palm construction placed in the front area for more reinforcement and protection when catching the ball.

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The length, construction, and flexibility embodied by this glove enable you to have a larger range and longer reach for grounders, line drives and fly balls.

It also has a low profile heel that makes the glove more flexible, opens up the palm and pocket wider, and help with fielding hit grounders.

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The Miken Pro Series slow pitch softball glove features a soft, full-grain leather which provides improved shape retention and a great, game-ready feel. It provides long-lasting durability to withstand regular wear and tear. It also has a soft touch to it to keep you comfortable and has a nice flex for more control and freedom over your movements.

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The Pro H Web pattern is an extremely strong web that provides ball snagging functionality. This open and flexible pattern makes this glove perfect for outfielders and infielders alike.

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It enables you to trap the ball easier and allows for quick release on the infield. The PORON XRD palm padding has been added to drastically reduce ball impact to your hand allowing you to have more reinforcement and protection as you catch fly balls and aggressive throws. The Miken Pro Series Slowpitch Softball Glove has an adjustable nonslip pull strap back to keep it securely in place, however, some mentioned that the strap can be a little too snug which makes the glove fit too tight around the wrist.

The Blackstone Slow-Pitch Series is constructed with a Select Cowhide leather shell known for its hard-wearing exterior that withstands abrasions to maximize durability.

It also offers great mobility and comfortability that will last throughout the seasons. It has a supple leather palm lining to provide maximum comfort and feel for an enhanced overall fit and feel.

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The patterns are designed specifically for softball with the ideal pocket depth and fit giving fielders the strength and stability needed to secure balls from either the infield or outfield. It features a deeper pocket to easily catch fly balls and to easily trap the balls being received. It also helps you to get a firm hold on the ball during the course of a catch and also keeps the ball from falling out of your glove.

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It has a rawhide lacing that delivers support for extra pocket protection. It has an H web pattern that is highly flexible and provides great visibility which is popular among both outfielders and infielders. The visibility this glove offers allows you to see through high and fly balls to ensure you can catch them with accuracy.

The Rawlings RSB Slowpitch Softball Glove is crafted with a durable and lightweight all-leather shell designed to retain its shape for longer and has a great flex for easy maneuverability and movement.

It also has padded finger linings for added thickness and extra comfort.

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This softball glove has deep, wide, and highly functional pockets matched with Basket-Web designs that allow for more flexibility and support. It also enables you to hide the ball from the batter when pitching to avoid tipping off the type of pitch you will throw. The deep pocket is also beneficial for outfielders allowing them to catch and secure the ball when catching. It has a Neo-Flex Back and Velcro strap that you can adjust to fit your hands accordingly for a snug and secured fit and feel.

It also provides added flexibility so you can move your hands freely and more comfortably.

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It also has ZeroShock sting reduction technology that allows you to create a customized fit around the wrist and hand however is the most comfortable for you. It gives you a quickly broke-in pocket and incomparable comfort to give you confidence while snagging ground balls and stopping extra-base hits.

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However, some pointed out that the padded finger linings are a little too thick which occupies that extra space between the fingers making it feel too tight and uncomfortable. It is made with synthetic leather that is soft and flexible for better hand movements.

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It has a very light feel allowing you to use it with comfort and control. It is also very easy to break-in perfect for youth players for that constant game-ready feel.

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This glove has a closed weave web that offers incredible flexibility for easy receiving when catching hard pitches, fly balls, or moving fastballs. Since it is also enclosed, it can also be used by pitchers to hide their hand position and the ball from the batter. The gloves come with a Velcro strap to help adjust the wrist tightness to the right setting to ensure that the gloves stay in place.

The MVP Slow Pitch Glove is made with Bio Throwback Leather which is a soft, pebbled leather for game-ready performance and long-lasting durability. It has a nice flexibility to it so you can easily move your hands and fingers without the stiff feeling.

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It has UltraSoft Palm Liner for that added soft finish and maximum comfort. This extra liner also acts as an added layer of protection on the palm area to protect your hands from aggressive pitches and impactful throws. It utilizes Professional Level Lace which is the same lace Mizuno uses in their professional-level gloves having the same durability and sturdiness to support the overall structure of the gloves.

It helps keep the pocket hold its shape and structure to prevent it from loosening despite the regular beating.

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