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Teach reading to adults with the Practice Reading and Speaking phonics and Basic English course. This is an out of the box phonics program. It requires no prior knowledge of even the alphabet sounds or the ability to write. You can start from Lesson One or after testing tests are included begin teaching at a lesson appropriate for your student. With this eBook your student can progress to an adult reading age.

A precise knowledge of alphabet sounds and the ability to blend CVC words will be needed in order to begin to read the stories.

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There are 47 short stories ranging from 40 words to words in length. A variety of true to life themes and believable characters adds interest, humour and colour to these inspirational stories.

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See a list of the themes here. See a sample story from PRS Phonic Stories for Adults.

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When you teach reading to adults, appropriate reading material is vital. With these stories that relate to life as an adult, your student is given the respect they deserve. As printing permission is allowed no further license nee the story page can be printed for the student to take home and practice reading.

It will help them become more aware of what they need to focus on to improve their reading skills.

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As the text is generic to any English speaking country, it is suitable for American English or other English accents. Each story has a heavy concentration of one sound and the spelling variations of that sound.

When using it to teach reading to adults, you will notice that the phonic course is age appropriate for teenagers and adults as well as children.

It can also be used successfully with those whose first language is not English as it contains pronunciation tips to help with accent reduction.

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Phonics has always been the key to an accurate accent. To teach reading to adults, you will need to fill in the gaps in their understanding of phonics and how words work.

Reading tests have been included in the eBook. As you teach reading to an adult they will discover that it is possible to learn to read. Adult literacy skills teaching is straightforward with this course.

You will be teaching the facts one step at a time, in order of difficulty.

Learning to Read in Adulthood

See how to teach reading and writing using this phonics course. Basic English skills can be taught, succinctly. Look Inside the eBook here. They have their own Progress Record which covers the whole course on page This eBookleaves you in no doubt what to teach, how to teach it and the best way to teach it.

Adult literacy resources are easier to come by online than you might think. Many websites offer free, short courses that cater to English learners of all levels. You can choose a specific focus area, such as business or communications, or take courses that are broad in scope and cover all areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening ProLiteracy Members Non-Members. ProLiteracy Education Network is a comprehensive collection of online courses and resources for adult literacy and ESL instructors, program staff, trainers, and adult learners. Use the buttons to login, create an account, or explore the resources on Education Network. Explore. Explore Free Literacy Classes, Programs & Resources For Adults

Read through the teaching notes for each Module before teaching. This will ensure that you use as few words as possible when explaining how to segment words. If you would like your student to have their own copy of the course without the teaching notes, the PRS STUDENT GUIDE is now available.

Continue teaching until your student has a fluent adult reading age if possible. There are 70 Modules or pages in the course in Practice Reading and Speaking. They cover every spelling of every sound over a thousand that the student is ever likely to come across in English texts in order to read fluently.

See a preview of Practice Reading and Speaking. A useful index demonstrating the different ways a single letter or group of letters can be pronounced is found in the back of the book pages This is a useful reference guide as you teach reading to adults.

These graphemes have been organised into three levels of difficulty. The first level, covers modules one through to thirty nine. When they get to this stage, they should be able to read most everyday text that they come across. If the student purchases their own copy of the eBook, they may even be able to teach themselves the rest of the course, as everything else to learn is linked to the same colours and images that they will have become extremely familiar with.

When you teach reading to adults, before you can banish their fears of text and motivate successful learning, try to isolate the reason why they failed to learn to read well.

Maybe, dyslexia unrecognized in childhood, prevented them from making reading progress. Perhaps, a heavy workload looking after a sick parent meant that as a child they missed school regularly so teachers were unable to help them catch up. Lastly, when you teach reading to adults be aware that sometimes a brain injury can interfere with the usual learning process.

When you help someone learn to read, remember that adult literacy students need an understanding teacher who will teach reading to adults with sensitivity. Observe closely if they are tiring. Stop and take a break. Being tired is stressful; especially if you feel someone is expecting you to continue learning. Teach one fact at a time. Pause, let it sink in. Do they have any questions?

Let them tell you when they need a break. Remind them at the beginning of the lesson how far they have come. Be respectful and kind.

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Track progress consistently. Keep lessons positive and give lots of praise when you teach reading to adults. A mind with a smile can learn for a while. With the phonic story book sold here they will be smiling more often.

Humour relieves stress. The stories they contain are both interesting and fun.

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When you teach reading to adults, you will notice that some adults may have problems hearing and separating the sounds in words.

A full dyslexia assessment will give you an idea of your students strengths and weaknesses.

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Do your best to train your student to hear different sounds. Maybe they are a mechanic and can easily hear and separate different car noises and know what they are, even how to fix them. Maybe they can differentiate easily between songs that they enjoy. Explain that repetition has helped them master these skills.

The same is true with reading. If visual discrimination problems is the issue, first ensure that your student can see well. They may need a more detailed eye test. Employ visual and tactile ways to help them learn.

Rarely, you may need to teach mainly visually by learning whole words. This course is perfect for that as it begins with the easy most used words and finishes with longer multi-syllable words. If you do nothing else but help them learn to read the words in each module, one module at a time, they will still be making progress.

They will have learned enough to make them more comfortable with reading in every day life. Reading relates to life skills for a variety of reasons. When you teach reading to adults to improve life skills you are giving them a way of communicating. We regularly need to read instructions on food packets or medicines. At times we need to fill in forms. We benefit from searching for information on the internet.

Reading for the purpose of learning can give pleasure. Reading text messages keeps us in touch with others. A car manual too still requires that we read instructions.

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The key when you teach reading to adults, is to motivate the adult literacy learner to see how reading and writing relates to life skills. Help adult literacy students to list situations where knowing how to read or write would be useful.

Teach reading to adults with the Practice Reading and Speaking phonics and Basic English course. This is an out of the box phonics program. It requires no prior knowledge of even the alphabet sounds or the ability to write. You can start from Lesson One or after testing (tests are included) begin teaching at a lesson appropriate for your student

When you teach reading to adults, give them ways to make progress when you are not there to help them. Adult literacy students need to know that learning to read is an achievable goal. Also, that learning new things with a teacher who will not criticize but support, is a positive experience. In turn, the ability to recognise and correct their own mistakes will give them hope.

The phonic story book for adults sold here is ability appropriate. It contains a text about improving your health and another non-fiction story about searching for a fulfilling life. Another is about a journalist who challenged his beliefs by researching a story.

Research and reading is positively encouraged in this eBook. The student will learn that hope motivates. We need to keep their hope alive.

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Set reachable goals for your student. Maybe they want to be able to write a letter to a friend or a letter of complaint. It could be that the adult literacy learner would like to be able to fill in forms without fear.

By setting goals when you teach reading to adults and helping them to reach those goals one at a time, you will be giving them the ability to manage reading and basic English in everyday life.

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As you teach reading to an adult the student will likely begin to set their own targets. If they have a hobby, they may have reading material that they need help with. Half the battle is won if the student wants to read a text. Students should be aware that learning to read may improve brain health. Learning to read can also help adults improve their health.

Thee are plenty of hints and tips for improving health on the internet. They are often tried and tested and worth learning to read for this reason alone. When you teach reading to adults and teach adult literacy skills, students often make remarkable progress in the workplace.

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It may be that the adult has been offered a job and knows that they will have to go through some sort of test in the interview. This could raise motivation enough for the adult literacy learner to speed up the process of learning to read and write more efficiently. Reading without fear improves comprehension too. Yet others have come to a point in their life, when what others think of them is no longer an issue.

If maths is an issue too, your student might find the following website helpful: www.

When you teach reading to adults and they begin to read for the first time in their lives, they need clear brief explanations of how to separate and pronounce the sounds in the words that they have been speaking their whole lives. Your student will need to be given decoding and spelling strategies that work consistently when reading.

Learning to write well should also be included when teaching adult literacy students to read.

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Adult literacy students need to feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that what they have left to learn is achievable. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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