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ated at p. CLEVELAND - The eight suburban teenagers who got caught last year trading nude cell phone pictures of themselves weren't the only ones who didn't know their actions were illegal. The teens were ordered by a judge to survey of their friends and schoolmates to find out how many knew that taking, sending and receiving the pictures was a crime. The answer: Not so many. They returned to Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge Thomas F.

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This is an edited extract from her foreword to "Working Girls: An American Brothel, Circa " by Robert Flynn Johnson. Women in sexual professions have always distinguished themselves from other women, from the mores of the time, by pushing the boundaries of style. The most celebrated concubines and courtesans in history set the trends in their respective courts.

The great dames of burlesque - Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee - boasted a signature style on- and offstage, reflecting broader-than-life personalities. Given that photography was still an emerging technology, an emerging creative medium, when these "working girls" posed for William Goldman in the s at a Reading, Pennsylvania brothel, the entire exercise transcends their initial business liaison.

The instantaneous concept of click-and-shoot was still decades away. To be photographed required sitting very still.

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The women featured in Goldman's collection obviously caught his eye. Not just anyone is asked to be the subject of artistic documentation. The local photographer and his anonymous muses appear to straddle an artful titillation, at times striving toward Degas nudes and at another, more in the spirit of a strip and tease.

An increasing number of women are embracing a full bush, thanks in part to the health benefits. Here, they explain why natural pubic hair is healthier Eight suburban teens, who were charged with a crime for taking and sending nude cell-phone pictures of themselves, had been ordered to survey other kids. The result: More than two-thirds said Dita Von Teese is a burlesque performer, model and author. This is an edited extract from her foreword to "Working Girls: An American Brothel, Circa " by Robert Flynn Johnson. Women in sexual

There is a beauty in even the most mundane moments. Among Goldman's models, my own gaze zeroed in on the striped stockings and darker shades of their risque brassieres.

These ladies of Reading, Pennsylvania, might not have had the wealth of Madame du Barry, celebrated mistress of Louis XV of France, or the fame and freedom of a silver-screen sex goddess such as Mae West.

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But they sought to elevate their circumstances, to feel lovelier and more fashionable, with a daring pair of knickers. To feel special is fundamental to the human condition.

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Few opportunities outshine a sense of specialness than when an artist asks to record your looks, your beauty. Under the right circumstances, to be the object of admiration - of desire - to be what is essentially objectified is not only flattering.

It can also provide a shot of confidence and a sense of strength and power and even liberation, however lasting or fleeting. For these working girls who were already going against the drudgery of toiling in a factory or as a domestic, who were surviving in a patriarchal world by their wits and sexuality, the opportunity to sit for Goldman was very likely not only thrilling.

O'Malley Friday with the results: did not know it was illegal; 62 said they did.

The survey mirrors what is being seen across the country, where a national survey of youth recently found at least 30 percent of teens had participated in what has been dubbed "sexting. It's one more in a stable of problems cropping up when teens use technology. March 9, , p.m. PT. 1 of 9 CBS Interactive. Nude photography is one of the most intimate and difficult styles to master. CNET Australia provides a beginner's how-to guide to While many boobs and butts were on full display at the Governors Ball Music Festival, a good number of the women rocking super short shorts with lace bralettes and pasties-or even mesh OLYMPIC diver Tom Daley has been hit with fresh anguish after intimate photographs of him naked in bed were leaked online, less than a year after confessing to having an online naox-cap.comted Reading Time: 2 mins

Courts have also seen an uptick in cases that involve bullying and stalking by way of text or computer messages. Those who hear the cases say most teens don't think of the consequences before hitting the send button.

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O'Malley's goal was to change that. He said teens - and he knows, since he has four - need to be clearly told how not to use the cell phones and computers.

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He told the teens and their parents that their cooperation has allowed others to become educated about the subject. The teens, ages 14 to 16 and from Mayfield and Highland Heights, participated in the survey and went through an education program about the laws surrounding juveniles and sex to avoid facing the felony charges and sex offender registration that can come with a conviction.

Robin Palmer of the Lakewood-based Mokita Center, which deals with such issues and who worked with most of the kids, said though the kids were nervous at first, they were eager to learn. She said the teens were good kids who weren't intentionally breaking a law but lacked the education to know what the consequences of sending the provocative pictures were.

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They certainly didn't expect to end up in court. Many of their parents, who were also in court, didn't know what their children were doing, or that it could get the teens arrested or force them to register as sex offenders.

Another mother said that it's difficult for parents to keep up with how to monitor cell phones, the Internet and other technology when their children are often more savvy than the adults.

She said she was so impressed with an educational program done for the teens through the Mokita Center and its sister program called Play By the Rules, that she's going to ask the schools to require it for all students.

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It's hard to charge and punish children for committing a crime they didn't know was a crime, she said. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

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