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In a word: boring. In another: dull. I know Gabriella and her mom only just moved in but c'mon, give us something. What I'd Steal: In another shot, we see that Gabriella owns a telescope, so probably that. What I Wouldn't: the wallpaper, the floral ruffled bedspread, the curtains that are the exact same color as the surrounding wall, the list goes on.

This looks like a room with a menacing collection of antique dolls hidden just outside of the frame. Points for realism! This really does look like a room Bella hasn't lived in since she became a teenager.

That being said, it's a little grim. Plus, the window is clearly not vampire-proof. What I'd Steal: not a whole lot, to be honest.

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And in fairness to Bella, at this point in the movie, she'd only lived here for two minutes, so she has lots of time to redecorate. What I Wouldn't: the hand turkey and the wolf picture. Animal motifs in general are not my thing. What I'd Steal: Maybe the chess set? Peter's bedroom is surprisingly barren, so there aren't a lot of options.

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What I Wouldn't: everything that has to do with a horse, which means I'm leaving a lot of this room behind. Nothing about this excites me except for the balcony with the view of the water, but let me be clear: the balcony with the view of the water excites me a lot. What I'd Steal: the balcony and the implied trust fund.

Also, that mysterious chest by the fireplace. What's Regina keeping in there?

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What I Wouldn't: the carpeting and the vast majority of the decor, especially that "princess" sign hanging over the bed, which gets worse the more I look at it. This room falls into that "clearly upper middle class but we're not going to mention it because talking about money is gauche" category that a lot of onscreen teen movie bedrooms do.

In other words, it looks like it was ordered wholesale out of a catalogue.

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What I'd Steal: the chalkboard walls, which are the most unique thing going on here. I'm sure Cher's room is lovely, but it's meaningless compared to her walk-in closet with built-in A.

What I'd Steal: the closet and this desktop, if only to study the outfit software, recreate it, and make my billions. I'm sure this isn't what actual dorm rooms look like, but I didn't go to boarding school, so my main reference point for what it's like is Pacific Coast Academy.

Movie Info. Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) is a successful writer of teen literature who returns to her hometown with a dual mission: to relive her glory days and 80%   Our adult fascination with teen films might just have something to do with the direction of popular culture at the moment. "We are more likely to admit to enjoying those things than we were a few Author: Jazmin Kopotsha   Adult Swim: The 10 Sexiest Pool Scenes In Movie History by Jordan Runtagh 5/8/ Jessica Biel was a teen movie queen brought

And PCA makes boarding school look really, really good. What I'd Steal: the rainbow beaded curtains and, at long last, the knowledge of what really goes on at boarding schools. It's big enough to host an overnight study party and just the right amount of extremely '90s, so I'm into it.

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What I Wouldn't: the clown picture. Why she hasn't burned such an obviously cursed object is a mystery to me. It's surprisingly roomy, and the decor especially the bedspread feels like it's a reference to the s, which is a fun throwback to the beginnings of the space age.

What I Wouldn't: That being said, space is terrifying and I'd probably be happier on Earth, which if memory serves is still inhabitable in the Zenon universe. The sheer melancholy of seeing Andy's grown-up bedroom physically pains me, but that doesn't mean it's not perfectly pleasant. What I'd Steal: Andy's poster situation is pretty spectacular, and who doesn't want a guitar and an amp just a few feet from their bed? What I Wouldn't: the covered wagon chest filled to the brim with sentient, neglected toys.

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What I'd Steal: the pink walls and the posters-sans-frames aesthetic. What's the point of framing a poster? Are you trying to keep it from escaping?

What I Wouldn't: the mess. I'm sorry! I don't know when I got old! But I work from home now and I can't log into a video call with four teddy bears looming in the background.

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I mean, I could, but should I? What I'd Steal: all of the early s nostalgia. And that little window seat, where I could write in my password-activated journal if you know, you know. What I Wouldn't: the bunched-up fabric above the mirror, and also the landline, because I don't need to sleep within three feet of two phones. This massive walk-in is hidden behind Miley's normal bedroom, which is an extremely literal take on the whole "double life" thing.

After Carly's room caught on fire, it got a massive makeover though we never saw what it looked like before the fire.

Teen Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies For a Magical Movie Night. by Louisa Ballhaus, Sara Kitnick. September 19, at pm PM EDT Share Share on Flipboard;   I Ranked 24 TV And Movie Teen Bedrooms From "Mediocre" To "Iconic". The fairy lights industry is clearly powerful in Hollywood. Morty Smith's bedroom (Rick and Morty). It may be his only safe   IMDB/Netflix. To All The Boys I've Loved Before . Netflix released the unofficial teen-romance Film of the Year in with To All The Boys I've Loved on Jenny Han's novel of the same name, the movie stars Lana Condor as Lara Jean, a teen whose life is turned upside-down when her private love letters make their way out into the world

When they used to advertise that Nickelodeon hotel on TV, this is what I imagined the rooms looked like. What I'd Steal: the sheer size of the room, which includes a sitting area, a huge closet, and a workspace. Also, maybe the boat-themed coffee table, because it's so weird and impractical that I think I love it.

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What I Wouldn't: the trampoline, because it's so weird and impractical that I think I hate it. This bedroom screams "cool older sister," even if Bianca and young Joseph Gordon-Levitt can't see that. What I'd Steal: the bedspread, the easel, and the ability to keep a houseplant alive.

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What I Wouldn't: the posters covering every inch of the wall. It's cool, but claustrophobic. Mavis says she agrees and prepares to return to Minneapolis. Sandra asks to go with her but Mavis declines and leaves alone.

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In a diner on her way home, Mavis writes the ending of the book, in which the main character graduates high school, quickly leaves her past behind, and looks forward to the future. Afterward, in the parking lot, she glances at the crumpled bumper of her car, before driving off.

Screenwriter Diablo Cody said the genesis of the film came from her encounters with the press:. And so as I thought about my own life, I thought, "Gosh, that would be a great character-a woman in her 30s who writes young-adult fiction and does in fact cling to deluded teenage fantasies in her real life, and is obsessed with recreating her teenage years come hell or high water.

Writing a spec scriptshe sent drafts to her friend and Juno director, Jason Reitmanto critique. A few days were also shot on a soundstage at JC Studios in Brooklyn.

  The best teen movie virginity scenes. We made a list of the best teen movie v-card scenes - good, bad and ugly. While it pops up in a miscellany of adult-oriented movies Young Adult is a American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and starring Charlize screenplay was written by Diablo naox-cap.comn and Cody worked together previously on Juno . Young Adult began a limited release on December 9, , before expanding to a wide release on December 16, It received generally positive reviews   With witty writing and sharp acting, this coming-of-age movie hits even harder with every re-watch. Bonus: Timothee Chalamet! Where to watch: Lady Bird is now streaming on Netflix. 2. To All The

Following Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson's casting, Patton Oswalt was signed after doing a table read-through of the script at Reitman's house. She's a really instinctual actor and I really didn't want to be sitting there with eight other thoughts in my head while she's just rolling with it.

Young Adult was screened out of competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. The website's critical consensus reads, "Despite its somewhat dour approach, Young Adult is a funny and ultimately radical no-holds-barred examination of prolonged adolescence, thanks largely to a convincing performance by Charlize Theron.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three-and-a-half stars out of four, writing, "After I left the screening of Young Adultmy thoughts were mixed. With Thank You for SmokingJunoand Up in the AirJason Reitman has an incredible track record. Those films were all so rewarding. The character of Mavis makes Young Adult tricky to process.

As I absorbed it, I realized what a fearless character study it is. That sometimes it's funny doesn't hurt. Tom Long of The Detroit News wrote, " Young Adult may be the year's most engaging feel-bad movie". Scott of The New York Times praised the film, writing, "Shorter than a bad blind date and as sour as a vinegar PopsicleYoung Adult shrouds its brilliant, brave and breathtakingly cynical heart in the superficial blandness of commercial comedy.

And Patton Oswalt deserves cheers as Matt, a former classmate who pops Mavis's delusions with soul-crushing honesty. His dark duet with Theron is funny, touching and vital. But fair warning: The laughs in Young Adult leave bruises.

The film appeared on many critics' lists of the best films of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lianne Halfon Russell Smith Diablo Cody Mason Novick Jason Reitman.

Charlize Theron Patton Oswalt Patrick Wilson Elizabeth Reaser. Mandate Pictures Mr. Mudd Right of Way Films Denver and Delilah Films. Release date.

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December 9, Running time. Film Journal International.

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Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved November 30, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved May 2, The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on November 22, Retrieved November 22, Sidebar to story "Charlize Theron Gets an 'Adult' Education", Newsday.

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Archived from the original on December 22, The Canadian Press wire service via CTV. November 28, Retrieved July 22, Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media.

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Retrieved July 6, CBS Interactive. Retrieved August 23, com : Reviews". Retrieved The Detroit News. December 8, The New York Times.

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Rolling Stone. Retrieved 21 April Retrieved July 28, Deadline Hollywood. Entertainment Weekly. Films directed by Jason Reitman.

Works by Diablo Cody.

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