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This article is part of In Session: The Teen Vogue Lesson Plan. Find the full lesson plan here. Mostly, though, it's hard to imagine what sex will actually be like when it happens - beyond what you learned in sex education class. That's why we talked to 24 people to find out exactly what first time sex was like, and what they wished they'd known going in. Before we dive into their real-life experiences, let's set the record straight: Below are some of the most common questions people ask about virginity. What does losing your virginity mean?

Due to amnesia, as well as the normal forgetfulness of memory, there are many details about my abuse I can't recall. I know this because, over the years, eyewitnesses have told stories about my abuse that I cannot personally remember.

I do, however, remember Gary threatening me with the stun gun repeatedly.

He even used it on me once. Once was all it took. For after experiencing the excruciating, utterly indescribable pain it inflicted, I never, ever wanted to experience it again. When he wasn't hurting me, he lavished me with parental attention. On the long drives to and from school, he would initiate conversations about history, politics and art. We ate nearly every meal together while he instructed me on things like table manners and ethnic cuisine.

He gave me my first typewriter and influenced my decisions to become both a writer and psychologist. He took the time to open up the world for me. He was my first and most significant mentor. Under my mother's care, I'd been neglected and deprived.

She was constantly at work, leaving me alone and lonely. Gary preyed on that loneliness. Like any skilled pedophile, he identified what I needed, and he gave it to me. He made me feel special, talented, smart.

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Even sexually, staying on Gary's good side had its advantages. For once he felt I had become sufficiently trained and submissive, most of the torture tapered off. Afternoons in the basement were replaced by the bedroom.

And his fervor to cause me pain was replaced with a passion to bring me pleasure. I suspect it made him feel powerful - like more of a man.

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Nearly every day at 4 p. The weird part, of course, was that his "lover" was just under four feet tall and weighed less than 60 pounds. There was also the inconvenient fact that his official lover, my mother, refused to vanish.

At 8 years old, I was being asked to choose between my mother and Gary. It was not a real decision, of course. Gary knew this. If I chose Gary, he Temptation Island: Karl Gets Lit At The Cocktail Party. Rules Are Made to Be Broken. Temptation Island: Val Wants To Spread Love Like Butter. Single Again. Temptation Island: Evan And Morgan'S Relationship Heats Up. The Epiphany Tradie caught in sex act on job speaks out after being exposed A plumber who was busted on camera in a late-night rendezvous at his client's house with

Unable to ditch her physically, he did it emotionally instead. Every evening, he locked himself in his home office. Every weekend, he went to his store.

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As I was expected to work for him, I followed wherever he went. Very early on, my mother began to notice this pattern, and she didn't like it. Not one bit. Being immature, she didn't handle the situation with grace. She felt excluded, which she was. So she began to yell a lot, mostly at me. One particular Saturday morning we had probably been living with Gary for about six weeksI was in the bathroom getting dressed for the flea market, just as I did every weekend.

But my mother wasn't happy, so she stood in the doorway, whining. You oughta be staying home with me. Just then, Gary came into the hall.

My mother cornered him. Gary, as always, remained calm during my mother's onslaught.

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Nonchalantly, he remarked, "Why don't you let Mooch decide what she wants to do today? She's perfectly capable of choosing.

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With one quick remark, he had abdicated all responsibility for the situation. Instead, all blame was now placed squarely on me. At 8 years old, I was being asked to choose between my mother and Gary. It was not a real decision, of course. Gary knew this. If I chose Gary, he would immediately whisk me away from my mother's ranting - and probably offer some kind of reward.

But if I chose my mother, there would be no one to protect me from Gary.

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Crossing him would mean paying for my sins. So, I chose Gary, and my mother flew into a jealous rage. I'm your mother!

You're staying with me! But Gary was already whisking me out the door. It was with this kind of scene that Gary was able to drive a wedge between my mother and me.

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I am certain that if Gary could've gotten rid of my mother entirely, he would have. He lobbied hard to adopt me, but my mother resisted. Despite being naive in many ways, she knew that if Gary became my legal parent, he would dump her and seek full custody.

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Thankfully, she never fell for the trap. Still, I'm astonished that she chose to stay with a man whose deepest desire was to kick her to the curb and steal her young daughter.

"My first time was after my first official date with my future spouse. We had been hanging out (and making out) for a few months, but this was the night we The rocket. "My favorite sex position with a woman is called The Rocket: You straddle your partner's face, so that her mouth is right on your clitoris. You can stay stationary and let her do First time sex is different for everyone, particularly because sex can mean so many different things. If we're talking about penis-in-vagina sex, some people feel mild soreness after their first

Personally, I know for a fact that Gary considered me his true lover. I know because he told me so.

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When he said it, I didn't quite know what to think. I knew he meant it as a compliment because he said it so often and with such pointed intensity.

But my 8-year-old brain simply could not grasp that this year-old man saw me as his mate.

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I was just a little girl. He was with my mother. That made us a family. He was my father, and I was his child. That's how I saw it. That's how I wanted to see it. I just wanted to be normal like other kids. I just wanted to have a normal life. So when Gary said, "I'm only with her for you. You're the one I really want," it confused me. I felt uneasy. Guilty, I guess.

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On some level, I knew it was very wrong. For most people, this is mild and typically only lasts for a few times, according to Planned Parenthood. The best way to prevent pain during penetrative sex is to use plenty of lube made from natural ingredients to prevent irritation. When it comes to losing your virginity, there's plenty to talk about beyond safety.

Here, 24 people share the candid truth about their sexual experiences, including what they wish they'd known before having sex for the first time. I told my freshman year roommate that I felt embarrassed about that, and she told me it was pretty tough, and she had never finished at the same time as her boyfriend.

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I was the one feeling uncomfortable with my virginity, not the person I was sleeping with. Don't be scared, just be honest and it'll be fine. I truly thought that was the only real 'representation' of sexuality when in reality there are SO many others.

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I think if I'd known that beforehand, I would have been able to relax and enjoy it a little more. Also anal sexit might make you feel like you really gotta pee if his penis is pushing up against your bladder in a weird way!

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The truth is that I was lucky-my first time happened with my first love, at 16, and it was lovely in a really cheesy way. But afterward I didn't feel closer to him. It wasn't until college that sex became a way to intimately connect on any level.

For me that was not the case at all. It was with someone I trusted and it was fine, but definitely not the start of a romantic comedy. I didn't catch anything when I lost my virginitybut I definitely could have. It can happen to you and it does change a lot about your life. This is it? I guess I was just expecting to feel more adult. I thought it would help me quiet the anxiety and just get it over with, but now I understand that needing to drink was actually a blaring signal that I was not ready, and that he was not the right person.

It took seven times before I started to feel something remotely enjoyable. I'm glad I kept with it! So I would have told myself to stop worrying that it hadn't happened yet. You'll be so glad you waited until you were obsessed with someone, someone you could trust and giggle and high-five through it.

The first two boys I slept with both had major performance anxiety and shared my pregnancy paranoia. It's also OK to keep it between you and your partner, assuming it's a healthy relationship. I thought I had to hit every base first, with sex as the finale or something. Now I know that I can do a lot or a little with a partner, and it's completely up to me. I don't have to feel pressured to make sure he finishes.

My first time did hurt, but in a way I couldn't have anticipated.

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I was super aware of this foreign object inside of me, poking into my internal organsor so it felt. Now I know better about the anatomy of the situation, but it was all I could think about at the time. It felt like absolutely nothing to me, like someone touching my leg. I was all smile-y and quiet and sharing looks with my BF, like ' Can people see we just had sex? We talked about waiting until marriage, but one night, it just happened. I was completely at ease the entire time, and he made sure I felt comfortable and loved.

Having sex actually brought us closer together as a couple. We shared an intimate moment neither one of us had experienced before, and he couldn't have been more considerate about my feelings. I now know I can trust him completely, and we're still very much in love. I thought I was in love at the time, but everything changed after we had sex.

He grew completely distant and didn't seem to care about maintaining our relationship.

Couple Caught on Video Having Sex on a Plane in Front of Other Passengers "My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico," writes the twitter user who shared the clip A man and a woman who just met started kissing and rolling around in the middle of a Chula Vista shopping center for everyone to watch #MyFirstTime is a collection of people's first times having sex, first kisses, first time masturbating, and much, much more. Some people used the

I found out he had bragged to all his friends about 'sealing the deal,' and we broke up shortly after. We were completely honest with one another for the five months we dated before having sex-we shared secrets we hadn't told anyone else. We felt really connected to each other, so I knew the time was right, and we're still together now! I broke up with him a few weeks later because, as it turns out, he was in love with my best friend the whole time.

I don't regret it because I was emotionally prepared for the experience, but I wish I had known he was using me to get to my friend before we had sex. He had recently broken up with me, and I thought having sex would bring us back together. About a week later, his relationship status on Facebook changed from 'single' to 'in a relationship' with a girl I had never heard of before.

I felt completely used, and immediately regretted my decision to sleep with a guy who clearly didn't care about me. Now I'm in a committed relationship, and I understand what real love should feel like. Let us slide into your DMs. Sign up for the Teen Vogue daily email. By Alexis Benveniste. By Tess Garcia.

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