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This is a Henna and Rita story but unlike my other stories this story contains a bit of sex. The price of fun and games. Although my favorite season is summer I am looking forward to the cool fall weather. I hope you all enjoy it. My vacation was wonderful, I was able to relax on the beach. My next few stories I began before vacation so hopefully I can finish them quickly and post.

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How many would want to be in hers? BTW, other bloggers, the ones that have no love for OBB. I sometimes notice when you repost pictures from here. Ditto on themes.

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I post an odd non-spanking topic and the next week so do you. I am gratified.

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OK, Guys, pick your spanker. Should be one for everyone. I am choosing the first one.

Spanking for a stewardess.

A variation on the post a few weeks back titled The French. We still have a maid and a martinet, but a man is being flogged.

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Good picture, but a smile is always preferable. I normally detest captions, but this one like. Her smile.

Musical Bonus - a Tango - La Cumparsita. Today, it is men whose backsides are being given attention.

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Thanks Perfectd I used one of yours. My backside looked like these for many years. Bacall says it still does.

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I think she needs glasses or is blinded by love. Where are you?

Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking. Spanking and Pleasure Spanking can also be a source of great pleasure, fun, and satisfaction for you, which will increase the joy you get from administering it This blog celebrates the erotic side of spanking as long practiced by one married couple. We don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Bogey and Bacall. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it So it's hard to argue that spanking adult daughters is ineffective. We never got into any trouble because we knew that, if these were the spankings we were getting just for things like disrespect or mouthiness, we didn't want to know what we'd get for real trouble

Stats say:. Make Your Choice. We all know that OTK is by far the most favored position by spankers and spankees - male or female.

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I seem to always run against the grain. While it is the position that I commonly spank Bacall. So he bared her bottom right there for a few licks and asked if she was going to obey him or argue.

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This was the one and only time one of us was deliberately bared in front of siblings I was once whipped severely in front of my mother for being disrespectful to her and several times in semi-private places, but that was very different from having your panties pulled down in front of other people on purpose - my dad was actually really careful not to do thatand I believe my father did it to stop my sister from being so prideful and show her who was in charge. She was 23 during that spanking, so it was especially shameful for her to be spanked in front of our brothers she was the oldest on the bare.

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Then she had to shuffle to her room with her panties around her ankles to wait for our dad to come in and finish the job. Luckily for me, this meant that he forgot to come in and finish my spanking. Any time one of us was spanked in public like in the living roomwe were sent to our room to await a more severe spanking the one exception being the time I got a severe spanking in a semi-public place during a company picnic it was severe enough that my dad didn't even consider giving me more when we got home.

Gallery More mixed art. Lots more to come. The wonderful spanking art of Drooaygah. (The art shows the spanking of young this is not your cup of tea, please don't you!) More animated art!. You may see some reposts The Art of Ron Wilson 2 Find female spanking female sex videos for free, here on Our porn search engine delivers the hottest full-length scenes every time ENF photos, euf pics, photos of embarressed nude females, enf pics, photos of embarressed undressed females, enf and euf images. Skip to content. ENF Daily. Embarrassed nude females every day. Search Toggle Menu. Home; Why there isn't at least one CFNF spanking channel on mainstream television is completely beyond my comprehension

So I was fully expecting a bare bottom spanking that night, but my sister got it instead. I moved out shortly after that, never wanting to experience another spanking. They didn't happen frequently, but when they did, they had a lasting impact.

My last severe spanking, at 17, made me afraid to ever disrespect my mom again it was enough to keep me in line forever because I always suspected that, if pushed far enough, my dad would spank us even after we were out of his house. The thing is, girls can be really disrespectful and mouthy, especially to their mothers.

My sister and I were this way and the thing that kept us from mouthing off to her was the fear that our dad would spank us.

My brothers didn't have this problem, and I never felt that it was unfair for my dad to spank the girls and not the boys. I will never, ever, forget the last spanking I got for mouthing off to my mom.

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I had been pushing it for weeks, and had been spanked over my panties the week before for it. But I was feeling rebellious and one day, thinking my dad was napping, I was mouthing off to my mom in a soft voice.

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Then I felt my dad behind me, grabbing my arm. He turned me toward the kitchen door and told me to get to my room, NOW. He walked behind me, unbuckling his belt on the way.

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I knew I was going to get it good, probably on the bare, so I went right down on the bed facedown the position he usually put is in when he bared us, so that he only saw our backsides and, sure enough, Dad yanked down my sweatpants and panties to my knees. His belt was already off and he went right to work tanning my backside.

We all know that OTK is by far the most favored position by spankers and spankees - male or female. I seem to always run against the grain. While it is the position that I commonly spank Bacall. It is NOT the position I want to be in when I am spanked. It's a total turn-off for me. I can't explain it. It's just the way I am wired

He spanked all the way up and down my thighs while I wailed. I usually fought off tears during spanking, not wanting anyone to see they had got the best of me, but this one I knew I deserved, I really felt bad for how I had treated my mom and I was almost glad my dad was spanking me.

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I didn't even feel bad that he had bared me. For us, a bare bottom spanking was not at all sexual, it was purely about punishment.

Gillian & Helen's Discipline takes the acclaimed Strictmoor Academy series to new heights-with its psychologically revealing narration, lavish sets and costumes, exquisite camera angles and editing, flashbacks to previous scenes from the Strictmoor franchise, and compelling performances from three of the best in the business: Rachel Adams, Luci Lovett and Dana Stories about discipline between two consenting female characters. Breaking Glass or Breaking Down. Me. Singing, writing, expressing. Tweeky's Tail. adult f/f D/s relationships spanking. The Night Light. Hello and welcome! This site plans to contain fictional stories that have adult spanking and discipline Not over the top, but a good sound spanking nonetheless. The key to following how good it is, is by the expressions on Grace's face and her body movements. You can tell that she fully appreciated the difference between some protection, and by the distress on her face how that compared to a bare bottom spanking. *ate*

It was more severe in every way than an over the panty or clothes spanking. It very much looks as though yet another batch of misbehaved females are paying the price for their misdeeds as we get to witness this bevy of nude whipped girls flinching from the stinging sensation of leather on flesh. Well, they can flinch all they want but it will be to no avail as they have all been firmly secured Once more we turn our attentions to undressed females from times gone by with this a gallery of some more vintage CMNF photos from the days when girls were allowed to display themselves in states of undress without fear of sanction.

A golden age indeed for all lovers of CMNF and CFNF adventures. While we currently find ourselves living in The viewing figures would be phenomenal; broadcasters must be missing out on an absolute fortune in advertising revenue on account of this oversight.

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Is there no end to the legion of unspeakably iniquitous females in need of chastisement? Well from the looks of things the answer to that question is a resounding no. Here is yet another bevy of bad girls who have kicked over the traces and need a very firm hand to get them back in harness.

What these misbehaved minxes A little something to brighten up the lives of all you clothed female nude female fans today with a random CFNF assortment of gifs and photos.

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